Monumental Electro Splendor And Vocal Grandeur – Here’s ISKWÉ feat. TANYA TAGAQ With ‘THE UNFORGOTTEN’…

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17 February 2018

ISKWÉ is a Winnipeg-bred, Hamilton-based singer-songwriter (pronounced iss-kway) who “is fostering an unmistakable sound that weaves together her Irish and Cree/Dené roots with poignant politically charged lyrics, dark soulful R&B rhythms, electronic flourishes, and trip
hop breakbeats.”

This fascinating artist just released brand new track THE UNFORGOTTEN featuring the superb throat singer TANYA TAGAQ. It’s ” a community song that’s meant to be shared
by all people, a round dance where everyone holds the hand of the person next to them, forming a circle that connects us with our ancestors, as one. The current climate of events for Indigenous people is not lost on me and makes me feel that much stronger releasing this bad boy now. I’m proud of who we are as Indigenous people. I’m proud of what we’ve fought for, and how we continue to fight for our culture, our languages, our children, our women, our men, our earth and our water. But I’m also proud of all my non-Indigenous family and friends who continue to fight alongside us. This song is for all of us. Let’s dance together!”
” explains Iskwé.

THE UNFORGOTTEN is a truly magnificent masterstroke driven by vigorous vivacity, phantasmagorical passion and an immense intensity. The colossal electronic sound
feels like a mighty tribal trance-like celebration and the vocal performance is nothing
less than stunning. You’ll have this on repeat before you’re aware of it. Splendid score!
Sit down, relax, open your ears and your mind for something really special…

We are the war that’s forgotten
We stand up tall against the other side
We are the nation of tomorrow
We are the children who were not afraid to die

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh ohhhh

We are the ones, the unforgotten
We’re the acquaintance that the stories told you died
But we are here for all tomorrow
We are the keepers to forever hold up high

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh ohhhh

Wii do kaaw way Anishinaabe (help the people)

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh oh

ISKWÉ: Website – Facebook – Twitter

THE UNFORGOTTEN – available here on Bandcamp

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