Turn Up The Volume’s 20 KNOCKOUT TRACKS Of The Month – NOVEMBER 2021

Turn Up The Volume‘s 20 Knockout Tracks for November 2021!
A stream of rattling rippers, jagged jams and romantic reveries.

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Knockout by knockout…

1. ‘Miami Lounge’ by PEEPING DREXELS (London, UK)

I discovered this brilliant post-punk turbo last month at an indoor festival in Amsterdam. The whole crowd went bananas. These motherrockers slash and trash with a burning vehemence and a flabbergasting fervency. Miami Lounge is the crackerjack opener of this year’s released 5-track EP Bad Time.

Now it’s your turn to discover this awesome London squad.

Right here, right now…


2. ‘Ded Würst’ by DITZ (Brighton, UK)

Earlier this month this dynamite hit team blew all punters away with their jaw-dropping gig in my hometown Ghent (Belgium). They razzled and dazzled with ebullient exertion, blistering British bluster, and a fuck Brexit fierceness. The roof went off.

Ded Würst, their newest single, is nothing less
than a nasty and filthy sledgehammer. Das super!

Here’s why…


3. ‘Traps’ by BLOC PARTY (London, UK)

Kele Okereke‘s band returns next year – 29 April 2022 – with
new LP Alpha Games, the first in 5 years.

Talking about a comeback! Traps is a stunning stormer, a killer
single, a whopping whirlwind. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


4. ‘Against The Blade’ by THE HORRORS (Southend-on-Sea, UK)

After dropping one of the best knockout blows of 2021 with Lout
The Horrors followed it up this month with new EP Against The Blade.

The title track is brutal, rough, and rowdy. Like Nine Inch Nails on acid.


5. ‘Tsunami’ by DEAP VALLY

The Los Angeles sisters in rock crime just launched
their new LP Marriage, celebrating their 10 years of
rockin’ out together.

Tsunami is one of my favorites. A glam wham-bam
banger with a feverish impact.

Play it loud…


6. ‘His Ilk’ by BRONSON ARM (Kalamazoo, Michigan, US)

From Michigan here come 2 Pc Noisey Slacker Psychedelic Sludge Punks.
They joined Canada-based indie label Off White House Records
this year with a big bang.

Their newest outburst is a riffin’ rollercoaster that makes the hair in
your neck stand up with its metallic resonance and relentless bass
frenzy. Add nightmarish vocals and I’m sure Santa Claus will run
away in fear.

Turn up the jingle bells here…


7. ‘Never Ready’ by WÏLDERMAN

The alias of British singer-songwriter of Bobby Anderson.

Never Ready is a vicious droning blast. Wïlderman rankles,
rages, and has a bad taste in his mouth. Never ready for
her look and her voice. 133 seconds of sonic sex.

Hot groove, hot intensity, hot slam dunk. Fucktastic!

Get ready here…


8. I Don’t’ Love You Anymore’ by CHATEAU CHATEAU (Tucson, Arizona, US)

Glam and glitter riot tattoo grrl Blue attracts all attention,
sonically as well as visually. She swirls and scintillates on this
new kick while cursing idiots who hate the LGBTQ+ community,
who hate tattoos, and who hate anybody who doesn’t live by
their ultra-conservative rules.

To hell with all these idiots.

Meanwhile, enjoy this jangly earworm that sticks as
first-class glue and reaches an aural orgasm every
time the chorus pops up.

Get up, stand up and move…


9. ‘Absent Transient’ by IT’S KARMA IT’S COOL (Lincoln, UK)

One of the highlights from the group’s excellent new album
Homesick for our Future Destinations. Check TUTV’s raving
review here.

With Absent Transient they show their masterly skills of writing ear-and-mind
pleasing pop tunes charged-up with rotating riffs and dreamy vocal harmonies.

Press play here…


10. ‘Better Than Life’ by GLASS SANDS (London, UK)

Here’s the title track of TUTV’s best album of last month.
Read the review here.

A guitar-driven ripsnorter that gets more intense along its way.
This one-man band slips under your skin without asking and
you’ll love it big time.

Roll along…


11. ‘Let’s Stick Around’ by DJ RITON and JARVIS COCKER (UK)

When an old skool DJ teams up with Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker you
get a sizzling acid house corker to start and end all upcoming
New Year’s Eve parties with.

Hallelujah! Holy Mary!

C’mon, Jarvis


12. ‘The Magic’ by EELS (Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California)

Mark Oliver Everett and his Eels mates plan to release their
new album Extreme Witchcraft on 28th January 2022.

Ahead of it comes this magic groover.
Eels are alive and kick with a dash.

Roll the dice here…


13. ‘What You Keep Telling Yourself’ by DOWN WITH SPACE (Montreal, Canada)

The motorik and magnetic rhythm of this electronic exploit makes your head
turn 360°. The catching combination of near whispering vocals, scintillating David
guitar vibrance and cybernated elegance create an overall ear-ecstatic
vibe culminating in a dynamic finale.

Dive here into space…


14. ‘Dissonance’ by VEDA RAYS (Brooklyn, NY)

From the Brooklyn duo’s new Crucial Fictions LP. TUTV’s review here.

Expect flashy echoes of the 80s British New Romantics movement with
this instant catching pop spark, fueled with glimmering guitar/play,
impassioned vocals, and a non-stop drum beat.


Stand up and shake your pelvis…


15. ‘Still’ by TINY DYNO (Bristol, UK)

This sugary pop bliss feels good at first, better the second time,
and the best with all other spins. Great pop-ular music is about
lifting up the listener’s mood to a euphoric level for about
3/4 minutes. Easier said than done, but not here.

Still is a glorious harmonious touchy-feely gem that appeals from
the kick-off with Gardiner‘s tantalising voice and Kuras‘ vitalizing
guitar ravishment. Add a delirious chorus and you have yourself
a 24-Carat top thrill.

Play it here…


16. ‘Knight Of Cups’ by ODAWIN. (Italy)

This Italian singer-songwriter, born Patrizio Ottavianiiter,
produces a blend of psychedelic rock and Arabic harmonies.

Knight Of Cups is the latest single in a series of monthly releases this year.
Electric dream-pop at its tempting best. Sparkling, spirited, and seductive.

An orchestral triumph. Score!


17. ‘Monterey’ by OCEANOGRAPHY (US)

Oceanography is the solo project of Oakland-based singer,
songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Brian Kelly.

This sweet little pearl comes from his new album
Thirteen Songs About Driving Nowhere
in Alphabetical Order
(awesome title).

“A tribute to my big sister who I lost last year. I hope you enjoy
it and it provides some comfort for any loss you’ve experienced.”

Monterey is a heartfelt ode to a beloved one that passed away,
evoking recognizable, universal feelings of loss, mourning, and

Listen and watch the touching video clip…


18. ‘The Ship Song’ by NELL SMITH and THE FLAMING LIPS (US)

Nell Smith is a 13-year old fan of Oklahoma’s eccentric stargazers Flaming Lips
(one of my all-time fav bands). Frontman Wayne Coyne spotted her at one point
as she attended several gigs with her father. They got in touch and after Coyne
found out that she’s a singer he proposed her to work with the band on a Nick
tribute album he already had in mind for some time.

They got all in the studio and the result is a 9-song Nick Cave
covers album baptized Where The Viaduct Looms with
the nightingale voice of Nell as the heroine in the middle.
You can stream the brand new record on Spotify

One of the standouts is her version of
the heart and soul ballad The Ship Song.

Special, wonderful, lovey-dovey.


19. ‘Always Together With You’ by SPIRITUALIZED (Rugby, UK)

Jason Pierce and his orchestra have a new LP,
called Everything Was Beautiful coming on
25 February 2022

With this spellbinding symphony, he does what he does so splendidly for so long. This
first new piece is another soulful spiritual growing slowly into a gospel-like trance. Epic!


20. ‘We Are Not Alone’ by NICK CAVE and WARREN ELLIS (Australia)

Last June mega-star-crooner Cave and his bad seed friend Warren Ellis
signed for one of the best LPs of 2021 with their astonishing Carnage opus.

And they’re not done yet. The duo releases the soundtrack they wrote for the French nature documentary Panthère Des Neiges (The Snow Leopard) on 17 December.

Here’s the magnificent taster We Are Not Alone.
A characteristic Cave humdinger. Tender and gripping.

Watch the magic, hear the magic…

See/hear you next month with the best 20 knockouts of 2021

DJ RITON And JARVIS COCKER Team Up For Insanely Stormy Stomper ‘LET’S STICK AROUND’

New striking strokes

15 November 2021

Newcastle DJ RITON and Pulp’s mastermind JARVIS COCKER
teamed up for a special collaboration. A few days ago – on 12th
November – they dropped a climate change related electro hammer
called LET’S STICK AROUND, the very day the COP26 climate change
conference in Glasgow, Scotland ended.

Jarvis Cocker: “It’s the world’s first sustainable banger.

DJ Riton
: “I’m really excited this track is coming out
during COP26. Jarv has been one of the most influential
and distinctive artists to come from the UK, it’s wicked
to work with him.”

Let’s Stick Around is an insanely stormy stomper to start and
end all upcoming Xmas parties with. An old skool electronic
rave knockout. Hallelujah! Holy Mary!

Be ready to go into a trance…

DJ Riton: Facebook
Jarvis Cocker: Facebook

Perfect Pop Pulp – New Album ‘BEYOND THE PALE’ By JARV IS…

19 July 2020

Band: Jarv Is… 
A six-piece collective led by maestro Jarvis Cocker
Album: Beyond The Pale
Released: 17 Juy 2020
Info: Jarv Is… is the first original music from Cocker since his 2009 solo LP Further Complications.  Jarv Is… was conceived as a way of writing songs in collaboration
with an audience.  As the material they were playing was in a state of flux the band decided to record their live shows so that they could monitor how the songs were developing.

NME says: “The Britpop legend tackles modernity and isolation on this danceable
debut with his new band, sharing his elder statesman wit and wisdom… Beyond
The Pale’ is a cracking addition to the Cocker canon, bursting with that Pulp knack
for nerdy melodrama and primed for the dancefloor… Beyond The Pale’ feels live,
kinetic and present – as well as weirdly prescient.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5

Key phrase: “Pop music was supposed to be a flash in the pan,
but here we are 50 years later and it means something to us,
and it always will do. It’s incredibly important.”
Paul Weller

Full album…

JARV IS…: Facebook


Reveries for the laziest day of the week

8 March 2020

Pulp’s flamboyant frontman JARVIS COCKER is back, solo, under the name of ‘JARVIS IS…’. His new track ‘HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG’ is a melancholic reflection, with a soft electronic disco vibe. Cocker looks back, hits the dance floor again, but he seems not
happy at all as nothing has changed since the early days.

Check out why here…



Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Ten years ago in 2010 three great artists, three great voices performed
a magical version of Xmas classic SILENT NIGHT on Irish music show
Other Voices. A truly tender, intimate and goosebumps moment.


The original version of ‘Silent Night‘ was written in German by an Austrian school
teacher called Franz Xaver Gruber and first performed on Christmas Eve 1818 at
St Nicholas parish church in Oberndorf, a village in the Austrian Empire.

The full story of the song…


Frustrated UK Election Fans Of JARVIS COCKER Want Him At The Top Spot Of The Charts On Xmas Day With His 2006 Solo Track ‘RUNNING THE WORLD’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Last weekend two JARVIS COCKER fans, driven by their post-election depression, started a Facebook campaign to encourage other fans to stream and download Cocker‘s 2006 solo single ‘RUNNING THE WORLD‘ so that it could hit the top spot of the UK Singles Chart on Xmas Day. The protest song has become an anthem for all those who are sad, mad and frustrated with the result of last week’s UK election because of the track’s lyrics attacking political leaders:

“If you thought things had changed / Friend, you’d better think again /
Bluntly put, in the fewest of words: / Cunts are still ruling the world.”

Jarvis Cocker said he loved the initiative and campaign and immediately announced that he would be donating all proceeds from the single to the Homeless Charity Shelter.

Here’s a recent live version of ‘Running The World‘…

And here’s the original recording (full lyrics clip)