Brighton’s Fierce Fury DITZ Hits Belgium With Flaming Moshpit Force

8 November 2021

Band: DITZ
Who: Firm post-punk gang from Brighton (UK)
that hit the scene back in 2016
References: The bulldozing Irish turbo Girl Band
and louder than war Canadians Metz
Where/when: Ghent, Belgium – 6 November
Works: Check their Bandcamp page

This dynamite post-punk hit team was unquestionably the standout winner
of the small Badlands festival in my hometown of Ghent last Saturday. They
razzled and dazzled with fervent force, blistering British bluster, and a fuck
Brexit fierceness. Cocksure frontman Cal Francis was the eager eye-catcher
and ranting ringleader inspecting his troops from within the crowd.

No brakes, no pause, no breathing space with this well-oiled, mean live machine
that worked its way, slowly but surely, towards an orgasmic finale that made the
sweaty audience go ballistic with a flaming moshpit force.

Abso-fucking-lutely blitkrieg bluster.

DITZ came, saw, conquered, and took the ferry back to England the moment they
left the heated building. They were the talk of the town for the rest of the night.

Brand new single DED WÜRST
will give you a noise-tastic idea of their jarring horsepower.

Press play and go nuts…

DITZ: Facebook

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