JEFF TWEEDY Does Country Waltz With NEIL YOUNG

22 October 2021

Info: Last year’s Tweedy solo album ‘Love Is King‘ gets
a special treatment. A two cd set with the original album
and one with live versions of the tracks and some covers
lands on 10 December and a vinyl release comes in 2022.

First taster is a cover of a Neil Young song called The Old Country Waltz
The opener from his grand 1977 album American Stars ‘N Bars (with classic
Like A Hurricane on it).

Sing it, Jeff…

Yep, the original wins…


THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 41

Every week Turn Up The Volume picks 7 new
firecrackers that burned his ears the past 7 days

‘Let’s Get This Party Started’ by TOM MORELLO (New York)

Tom Morello, the guitar hero of furious rockers Rage Against The Machine
released his 2nd solo album, titled The Atlas Underground Fire, yesterday
with a cast of big-name guests on vocals.

This one was recorded with British post-hardcore
noiseniks Bring Me The Horizon.

Wanna party? You betcha…


Recklessly‘ by JEEN (Toronto, Canada)

“After a while, it can be hard to know whether you control your destiny or if
your destiny is controlling you. ‘Recklessly’ is for when you can’t tell if you’re
moving forward or falling behind and when it’s impossible to know where
you’ll end up,”
says the Toronto songstress about her emotional eruption.

Jeen expresses doubting and depressing sentiments with grit and punch.
She shares the feelings many of us had/have to deal with due to the bizarre
times we live(d) in. One small comfort: you’re absolutely not alone.

This may help…

Jeen releases her new album Dog Bite next week, 22 October.


‘Got Me Going’ by ECLECTICUS (Canada)

Got me Going is the title track of the new EP.
by this buzz and fuzz outfit from Toronto.

Gar Reid (frontman): “Everyone seems to get supercharged before seeing
a live concert, so this song along with the music video really celebrates this
feeling associated with the pre-game festivities leading up to going to a concert!”

Not insane yet after the past crazy coronavirus crisis? Well, you have another
chance here to go out of your mind with this adrenalized vaccination of pure
rock ‘n’ roll euphoria.


‘Crutch’ by BAND OF HORSES (Seattle, US)

The Americana romantics are back and they feel good as they called their new album Things Are Great, out 21 January 2022. Well, lead-single is a pretty great thing, pushed
by a streamlined rock drive, a feet-tapping beat, and flavored with their characteristic
high-pitched vocals.

Press play and feel great too…


‘Born Too Late’ by KICK AND THE HUG (Boulder, Colorado)

The fact that this band is scattered across the country, stretching all the way from
Los Angeles to Philadelphia, and Denver doesn’t prevent the quartet to start a fire.

Born Too Late is the perfect belter to test your lungs’ flexibility. The vocal
power developed here reaches a peak when the glorious chorus comes up.

Big vibe, big tune, big kick.

Put your phone down and oil your vocal chords…


‘C’mon America’ by JEFF TWEEDY (Belleville, Illinois)

This week Wilco‘s maestro dropped two new songs. This one is my favorite.

Tweedy says: “It’s a wry classic rocker from an unreleased group of songs with
mostly sci-fi lyrics.” Sci-fi lyrics? To my ears, this song’s content is crystal clear,
hearing these lines over and over again “What you gonna do, now that the world
is turned against you / C’mon America.”

Check it out…


‘Nowhere’ by BUD (Canada)

This Canadian singer-songwriter “wanted to capture that feeling of “I have no idea
what’s going on but let’s figure this one out!” depicting the energy in a dystopian world
while recognizing that we are the energy that can create positive change.”
I guess we
all had to go through a ‘who am I?‘ phase, if not it will hit you sooner or later.

But wait, this full-on glam-bam stomper might be the start of a more optimistic state
of mind. You don’t take a risk with going loose for 160 seconds. On the contrary, free yourself, get up and dance and go somewhere.

Right here, right now…

See/hear you next week, music junkies


New striking strokes

12 October 2021

Artist: JEFF TWEEDY (Belleville, Illinois)
Who: The chief of folk rockers Wilco

New songs: C’MON AMERICA and UR-60 UNSENT

Tweedy joins the Sub Pop Singles Club
with these two new cuts.

C’mon America is ”a wry classic rocker from an
unreleased group of songs with mostly sci-fi lyrics.

UR-60 Unsent is “a pitiful tale of an unsent lovesick
mixtape, taken from a separate batch of unreleased
songs with mostly pitiful lyrics.

Here’s the new pair…


Wilco Mastermind JEFF TWEEDY Covers Late Legend ROKY ERICKSON

5 July 2021

The late great ROKY ERICKSON (15 July 1947 – 31 May 2019) was
one of the pioneers of psychedelic rock back in the sixties as founder
and frontman/guitarist of The 13th Floor Elevators and kept on rolling
afterward as a solo performer.

The legend will be honored with a tribute album, titled May The Circle
Remain Unbroken: A Tribute To Roky Erickson
, featuring artists such
as Jeff Tweedy, Margo Price, Ty Segall, Lucinda Williams, Mark Lanegan, Neko
Case, Chelsea Wolfe and The Black Angels

Wilco mastermind Jeff Tweedy picked Erickson’s
1995 pearl For You (I’d Do Anything).

Enjoy here…

The original


Learn To Write One Song With JEFF TWEEDY

11 April 2021

‘Loving the Things We Create and How They Love Us Back.’
Released: 30 October 2020 – order info here

Who: Best known as the compelling singer
and songwriter of Americana band Wilco.

Info: “The idea of becoming a capital-S songwriter can seem daunting, but approached
as a focused, self-contained event, the mystery and fear subsides, and songwriting becomes
an exciting pursuit… How to Write One Song brings readers into the intimate process of writing one song–lyrics, music, and putting it all together–and accesses the deep sense of wonder that remains at the heart of this curious, yet incredibly fulfilling, artistic act. But it’s equally about
the importance of making creativity part of your life every day, and of experiencing the hope, inspiration, and joy available to anyone who’s willing to get started.”

Jeff Tweedy: “I came up with the title for the book to help myself organize my thoughts
and focus my attention on what it is that I’m doing at its most basic level. I never wanted
to write a step-by-step, craftsman manual about music theory and stuff like that. I don’t
have a firm grasp on that myself, and I kind of consider that an asset.”


Jeff Tweedy: Facebook

(image: cover solo album ‘Warm Warmer’)

Americana Melancholia With JEFF TWEEDY’s Brand New Album ‘LOVE IS THE KING’

24 October 2020

Artist: JEFF TWEEDY (Wilco’s mastermind)
Released: 23 October 2020

Uncut Magazine says: “This album marries Tweedy’s mature
emotional outlook to the workaday manners of Uncle Tupelo
or the Woody Guthrie project, Mermaid Avenue.”

Turn Up The Volume: After one spin it’s clear.
Jeff Tweedy is a king of Americana melancholia.

Released: 23 October 2020

Title track

Stream/buy full LP here…


Soul Voice MAVIS STAPLES And WILCO’s Frontman JEFF TWEEDY Share New Song

New sonic impulses

3 April 2020

The 80-year-old legendary soul voice MAVIS STAPLES teamed up with WILCO‘s
frontman JEFF TWEEDY for a brand new song called ALL IN IT TOGETHER, as a
fundraiser for My Block, My Hood, My City, a Chicago nonprofit organisation
that helps seniors dealing with the coronavirus.

In a statement Staples speaks about the goal of the new track…

“The song speaks to what we’re going through now — everyone is in this together, whether
you like it or not. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what race or sex you are, where you live… It can still touch you. It’s hit so many people in our country and around the world in such a horrible way, and I just hope this song can bring a little light to the darkness. We will get through this, but we’re going to have to do it together. If this song is able to bring any happiness or relief to anyone out there in even the smallest way, I wanted to make sure that I helped to do that.”

Here’s the emotive musing…