The Cover Of JETHRO TULL Album ‘THICK AS A BRICK’ – Released 50 Years Ago Today

Eye-catching album cover art


Who: Legendary British prog-rockers led
by singer-songwriter-flutist Ian Anderson.
The group is still active.

Artwork: Cover of their 5th LP THICK AS A BRICK
that came out 50 years ago today, on 3 March 1972.

The original LP cover was designed as a spoof of a 12-page small-town English newspaper, entitled The St. Cleve Chronicle and Linwell Advertiser, with the typical parochial journalism of local reporting. But the record company thought that the sleeve would be too expensive to produce, but Anderson countered that if a real newspaper could be produced, a parody of one would also be practical.

The main mock article is about a kid called Bostock who was disqualified from a poetry contest. The article claims that although Bostock initially won the contest, the judges’ decision was repealed after protests and threats concerning the offensive nature of the poem, along with the boy’s suspected psychological instability and the fact that he had a baby with his 14-year old girlfriend.

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JETHRO TULL – Their Prog Rock Classic ‘AQUALUNG’ Turns 50

17 March 2021

Who: Prog rock heroes from Blackpool, UK led
by charismatic Scottish vocalist/flautist/guitarist
Ian Anderson
Active: 1967–2012, 2017–present

Album: AQUALUNG – 4th LP
Released: 19 March 1971 – 50 years ago

AllMusic: “The leap from 1970’s ‘Benefit’ to the following year’s ‘Aqualung’
is one of the most astonishing progressions in rock history. In the space of
one album… Tull went from relatively unassuming electrified folk-rock to
larger-than-life conceptual rock full of sophisticated compositions and
complex, intellectual, lyrical constructs. While the leap to full-blown prog
rock wouldn’t be taken until a year later on ‘Thick as a Brick’, the degree to
which Tull upped the ante here is remarkable.”
Score: 4.5/5.

Turn Up The Volume says: Lift one leg while you listen.

Singles: Hymn 43 / Locomotive Breath

– HYMN 43 –


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