Waking Up On One Leg With JETHRO TULL

Works faster and harder than caffeine

24 January 2023

Only one year ago British prog rock giants JETHRO TULL (1967–2012, 2017–present)
led by singer/flutist/guitarist Ian Anderson who liked/likes to stand on one leg when
he played/plays the flute released their acclaimed 22nd LP (first Top 10 score in 50 years), titled The Zealot Game and they already have a new one in the bag.

RÖKFLÖTE arrives on 21st April. Pre-order info here.

It’s a 12-track record based on characters of gods of the old Norse
form of paganism, while at the same time exploring the RökFlöte,
or rock flute.

Along with the news comes first single GINNUNGAGAP.
Unmistakable Jethro Tull. It comes with a notable, animated clip.

Get up.
Stand up.

(try on one leg).

JETHRO TULL: Website – Instagram – Linktree

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