Psychedelic Lockdown Blues – French Artist FAREWELL With New Album ‘SPINOZA’

29 July 2021

Who: The folk/nu-classical solo project of French
musician and record label owner Jibé Calluaud.

Album: SPINOZA – third LP

Turn Up The Volume
: Somewhere floating between the mind-exploring dreams
of Syd Barrett and the introspectiveness of Eels where reality and fiction meet and
put up a psychedelic jam for confused minds, insomniacs, and all lost lockdown souls.

From soul-searching reveries with wayward twists and turns (If / Let Them Talk / I Am Multiple / Closure) to fired-up emotions (Lockdown / Scarlatine / Underneath). Intriguing record, intriguing exploit. Don’t say farewell, say hello pleased to meet you.

Single: IF…

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