Happy 80 To JOHN CALE – One The Most Authentic Musicians/Songwriters And Voices In Rock History

9 March 2022

JOHN DAVIES CALE was born on 9 March 1942 in Wales, UK. Happy 80 to one of the most authentic, high-quality singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, avant-garde artists, and affecting voices in rock history. He also made a name as a masterly and adventurous producer (among so many artists he was behind the mix table for masterpieces such as the debut LP of Patti Smith (Horses) and the debut of The Stooges.

Most people know him as the musical innovator and violist of groundbreaking legends
The Velvet Underground alongside that other icon, the late Lou Reed. But, as it always happens, two big egos in a band is one too many.

In 1968, after two VU albums, Cale left and started a formidable solo career. He canned
16 solo albums (so far), with MFans (new versions of songs from his praised 1982 LP Music For A New Society as the most recent one), released in 2016. He collaborated
with countless musicians (a lot with his good friend and equally genial Brian Eno), and
composed multiple scores for movies, and still produced work of others.

In 1990 Cale and Reed found each other again for an ode
to their mentor Andy Warhol with the grand Songs For Drella,
a classic in my Reed/Cale book.

So hard to choose only 3 memorable Cale moments, but here we go…

(Pearl from the ‘Songs For Drella’ LP)

(From 1974 album ‘Fear’)

– GUTS –
(From 1975 album ‘Slow Dazzle’)

I know it would be a crime not to stream/play one of his
best, if not his ultimate best LP ever, on his 80th birthday .
His 3rd longplayer PARIS 1919 from 1973…

JOHN CALE: All Albums – Facebook

A ‘LAZY DAY’ For JOHN CALE In These Bizarre Times

New sonic impulses

7 October 2020

Masterly singer/songwriter JOHN CALE planned to release a new
album this year. But that nasty coronavirus blocked his intention.

“I was so ready to finally get my new album out. And then damn 2020
happened! As a songwriter, my truth is all tied-up in and through those
songs that must wait a while longer
” said Cale in a statement.

He just shared a new song anyway.

“It occurred to me that I do have something for the moment, a song I’d recently
completed. With the world careening out of its orbit I wanted to stop the lurch
and enjoy a period where we can take our time and breathe our way back into
a calmer world.”

LAZY DAY is a special song. A slow-moving meditation with Cale‘s
hazy voice floating in the air. Pretty weird but it seems like this is
the ex-Velvet Underground legend’s sonic rendering of a perfect day.

Here we go…

JOHN CALE: Facebook

Lazy boy…

Impressive Welsh Duo – Listen To ‘CORNER OF MY SKY’ By KELLY LEE OWENS And JOHN CALE…

New sonic impulses…

5 August 2020

Welsh artist/producer KELLY LEE OWENS and living VU legend JOHN CALE, also Welsh, worked together on a new song called CORNER OF MY SKY from Owens new, second album Inner Song, out 28th August.

A fascinating piece with Owens’ ominous synth-scapes and Cale musing all over it with his characteristic, doomy vox, singing both in English and Welsh,

Cale said about the collaboration: “Kelly sent me a track she’d written — an instrumental that was a gentle drift — something comfortably familiar to what I’d been working on myself. On the first listen, the lyrics came with ease and a chorus and melody grew out of it.”
Owens added: “I knew with this album I needed to connect with my roots and therefore having the Welsh language featured on the record felt very important to me. Once the music for the track was written and the sounds were formed, I sent the track straight to John and asked if he could perhaps delve into his Welsh heritage and tell the story of the land via spoken-word, poetry and song.

Get impressed by Corner Of My Sky here…


(image on top: JCale album Vintage V.)