Impressive Welsh Duo – Listen To ‘CORNER OF MY SKY’ By KELLY LEE OWENS And JOHN CALE…

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5 August 2020

Welsh artist/producer KELLY LEE OWENS and living VU legend JOHN CALE, also Welsh, worked together on a new song called CORNER OF MY SKY from Owens new, second album Inner Song, out 28th August.

A fascinating piece with Owens’ ominous synth-scapes and Cale musing all over it with his characteristic, doomy vox, singing both in English and Welsh,

Cale said about the collaboration: “Kelly sent me a track she’d written — an instrumental that was a gentle drift — something comfortably familiar to what I’d been working on myself. On the first listen, the lyrics came with ease and a chorus and melody grew out of it.”
Owens added: “I knew with this album I needed to connect with my roots and therefore having the Welsh language featured on the record felt very important to me. Once the music for the track was written and the sounds were formed, I sent the track straight to John and asked if he could perhaps delve into his Welsh heritage and tell the story of the land via spoken-word, poetry and song.

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(image on top: JCale album Vintage V.)

‘SONGS FOR DRELLA’ By LOU REED & JOHN CALE – Released 30 Years Ago

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12 April 2020

When JOHN CALE left influential icons THE VELVET UNDERGROUD it was mostly
because of his tense relationship with the late great stubborn legend LOU REED.
But in 1990 they teamed up again to honor their inspirator ANDY WARHOL with
masterly album ‘SONGS FOR DRELLA‘, released 30 years ago, on 11 April 1990.
Warhol died three years before, in 1987. Drella was his nickname, a contraction
of Dracula and Cinderella. He never liked it himself. This memorable record shows,
once again, how brilliant these two splendiferous artists were. Thanks to their huge songwriting skills and imposing voices they made out of each of the 15 songs a compelling experience. A masterpiece indeed!

AllMusic wrote: “Neither Reed nor Cale wanted the music to distract from their story, and
here they paint a portrait of Warhol that has far more depth and poignancy than his public image would have led one to expect. It’s a moving and deeply felt tribute to a misunderstood man, and it’s a pleasure to hear these two comrades-in-arms working together again, even if their renewed collaboration was destined to be short-lived.”
Full review here. Score: 4.5/5.

Top tracks: Nobody But You / Open House / Style It Takes / Small Town





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