Album Of January 2023 – Imperishable JOHN CALE With His Spellbinding 17th Longplayer ‘MERCY’

30 January 2023

No retirement for the 80-year-old JOHN CALE. He’s one of
the many musicians that will go on until their last breath.

The Welsh icon released his 17th solo longplayer,
called MERCY this month via Double Six/Domino.

The album features a cool club of guests. Animal Collective, Sylvan
Esso, Laurel Halo, Tei Shi, Actress
, and yes, Fat White Family too.

Press info: “Cale’s first full album in a decade, moves through true dark-night-of-the-soul electronic torment toward vulnerable love songs and hopeful considerations for the future with the help of some of music’s most curious young minds. Cale has always searched for new ways to explore old ideas of alienation, hurt, and joy; Mercy is the latest transfixing find of this unsatisfied mind.”

Rolling Stone said: “Even as Mercy glares into the void, Cale demonstrates his optimism
by hanging out with younger musicians and often centering the album around contemporary rhythms, like the hip-hop he’s long considered to be a modern avant-garde.Like his Welsh brother and hero Dylan Thomas, Cale is going to fight against the dying of the light until the light is no more, but the ghosts of his past will be with him until the end.”

TUTV: No earworms, no feel good tunes, no pop hits. At 80 Cale still explores his mind and soul and he does it with shadowy introspections and chilling musings. Gloomy electronics create an obscure atmosphere and sometimes it feels like Cale is trapped in the labyrinth of his own psyche. You need several spins to get into the former VU legend’s world, but once you’re there the experience is spellbinding.

SINGLES: Night Crawling / Story Of Blood / Noise Of You






JOHN CALE: Bio – Discography – Instagram

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