Gloomy Masterpiece ‘ATMOSPHERE’ By JOY DIVISION – 40 Years Ago

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18 May 2020

The dramatic electronic symphony ATMOSPHERE with spine-tingling
IAN CURTIS vocals will forever be linked to his sad death. A demo of
the gloomy masterpiece was recorded in 1979, called ‘Chance‘ then, for
a London radio session. Forty years ago, in March 1980, the pearl was
released, quite strangely, as a France-only single via indie label Sordide
, with Dead Souls as the B-side.

Following the unfortunate passing of the young troubled artist, Atmosphere
was re-released as a 12″ single by the band’s familiar label Factory with She’s
Lost Control
as the B-side. An unforgettable tour de force. Gloomy and sombre.

IAN KEVIN CURTIS was born in Stratford, Greater Manchester on 15 July 1956
and he committed suicide in Macclesfield, Cheshire on 18 May 1980, today 40
years ago. Rest in peace.

Walk in silence
Don’t walk away, in silence
See the danger
Always danger
Endless talking
Life rebuilding
Don’t walk away


Poster This – JOY DIVISION

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17 January 1980
Plan K – Molenbeek Brussels

Frontman Ian Kevin Curtis was born in Stretford, Greater Manchester on 15 July 1956.
He committed suicide on 18 May 1980, today 40 years ago. Rest in peace.

Stay Home, Stay Safe And Dance To PINS Covering Joy Division’s ‘ISOLATION’…

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17 April 2020

PINS is definitely the coolest band on this troubled planet right now. With the five new stompers they dropped so far it’s crystal clear that we may expect one of the best albums
of this messed-up year. And if that wasn’t already enough the all-girl sensation just shared their ace cover of Joy Division‘s’ cracker ‘ISOLATION’ referring of course to today’s surreal quarantine days. They turned the classic cracker into a synth-driven groove made to be a global discotheque hit, but given the lockdown situation, you can go crazy to it at home for the time being.

Move your hips here…

Continue to dance with the five
new tracks of the upcoming album
PINS dropped so far

PINS: Facebook

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5 Classic NME covers…

JOY DIVISION – 14 June 1980 (a couple of weeks after Ian Curtis’ death)


THE SLITS – 5 September 1979

MARK E. SMITH from THE FALL14 November 1981


JOY DIVISION Released Buzzing ‘TRANSMISSION’ Single 40 Years Ago Today…

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7 October 2019

Band: Joy Division
Song: Transmission / B-side: ‘Novelty
Released: 7 October 1979 – 40 years ago today
Note 1: It was originally recorded in 1978 for the aborted self-titled
album, re-recorded the following year at a faster tempo and released
by label Factory as the band’s debut single
Note 2: Famous music journalist Greil Marcus said about the song: “It’s
a dramatization of the realization that the act of listening to the radio is a
suicidal gesture. It will kill your mind. It will rob your soul.”

Note 3: Bassist Peter Hook remembers the following: “We were doing a soundcheck
at the Mayflower (club in Manchester) and we played ‘Transmission’. People had been
moving around, and they all stopped to listen. I realized that was our first great song.”

“Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio”

Here’s the legendary live‘Transmission’ performance
on BBC’s youth television program Something Else
on 15th September 1979…

And here’s the original version…


JOY DIVISION – Astonishing Debut Album ‘UNKNOWN PLEASURES’ Turns 40…

13 June 2019

Manchester’s post punk legends JOY DIVISION released their outstanding and spine-chilling debut album UNKNOWN PLEASURES on 15 June 1979, yes, already 40 years
ago. A landmark achievement. One of the best ever longplayers in Turn Up The Volume‘s sonic book. An at times pitch black experience that sounded like nothing else before. Mind-blowing, masterly music that appealed to doubtful hearts and confused souls, still does after all these years. The astonishing record, despite the fact that not all members were happy with the final result due to producer Martin Hannett‘s excessive drugs use and imposing views, became a timeless tour de force for generations to come.

To my and countless other ears and tons of influenced artists this superb album still
has a blood-curdling impact with every single member of the band delivering essential contributions to this incredibly gripping and wholehearted raw diamond. A full track-by-track accomplishment. Each cut is a winner, on-target and terrifically rousing, yet New Dawn Fades gives me just a bit more spine-tingling feelings because as well as musically, vocally and lyrically it’s the most frighteningly arresting outburst on this classic. Here is the lyric clip…

Album in full…


Rest in peace…