Mind-Pleasing Psychedelia Out Of South-America – LAS COBRAS’ New Single ‘IDA’

2 June 2020

LAS COBRAS is a bewitching and mind-pleasing psychedelic act led by key members
Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebella – out of Uruguay. They produce trippy waves as they
did so fascinating well on their splendid debut album Temporal. One of the best debut LPs of 2017. This year’s marvelous follow-up longplayer SELVA takes the sonic boundaries another step further with spellbinding guitar reverberation, dreamy synths, and sensual vocals.

The band issued IDA last month, one of the highlights
of the new record, as a single. Here’s a mesmeric live version…

Stream/buy SELVA here…

LAS COBRAS: Facebook – Fuzz Club 

Sound-Exploring Psychedelic Duo LAS COBRAS Released Their Second Album ‘SELVA’

Old and new albums to make your day

6 February 2020


Who: An invigorating and adventurous psychedelic duo- Sofía Aguerre and Leandro
– out of Uruguay. A pair of sound-exploring musicians. Their intriguing debut album Temporal was one of the most appealing debut LP’s of 2017. They inject their
musical vision on psychedelia with lysergic sounds of South-America, therefore they’re different from the rest of the pack.

Album: SELVA – second album

Released: 10 January 2020

Sound: Again Las Cobras impresses with intoxicating electro waves, a sonic variety of seductive songs and different sounds matching different moods. From bluesy psychedelic reflections (Down Low / Misterio / Lo Hacemos Mal) to far-out grooves with a poetic touch (Llamarás Mi Nombre / Selva) and the almost 8-minutes closing track The Colour Of Dawn,
a mind-boggling, dark and experimental voodoo-like odyssey with nightmarish echoes.
A Los Cobras record feels like a discovery trip in another aural universe where you pick
up new sonorous elements and new fuzzy twists and psychedelic turns with every spin.

Experience the adventurous journey here…

Album is available via Bandcamp, iTunes and via Fuzz Club

LOS COBRAS: Facebook / photo by Raoul Dukkha

ALL STAR TRACKS TEAM OF 2017! Party Hard With This Year’s 20 Standout Crackers!…

2017 was a damn awful year for humanity, tolerance, equality and peace, but, fortunately, we had enough smashing tracks to keep up the spirit, to keep hope alive and to keep us all going mental now & then! Here are 20 Rippers – 20 Knockouts – 20 Winners! Party Hard!

1/ ‘Black Hanz’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (Sheffield, UK)
“They can hit us but they won’t beat us, Black Hands, Do it Again!!!“
Debut AlbumInterplanetary Class Classics

2/ ‘I’d Kill For Her’ by THE BLACK ANGELS (Austin, Texas, US)
Psych cracker about love leading to violence, pushed by a hypnotizing riff…
Album: Death Song

3/ ‘Fol De Rol’ by THE FALL  (Manchester, UK)
Vintage The Fall drone, vintage Mark E.Smith rant…
Album: New Facts Emerge

4/ ‘Drained Lake’ by METZ (Toronto, Canada)
Crushing stroke roaring viciously…
Album: Strange Peace

5/ ‘LC Over Lithuania’ by GRUPPO DI PAWLOWSKI (Hell, Belgium)
Voodoo noise rock at its psycho best…
AlbumInhuman Hands

6/ ‘Holy Mountain’ by NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDS (Manchester, UK)
Noel beats Liam easily with this massive glam banger…
Album: Who Built The Moon?

7/ ‘call the police’ by LCD SOUNDSYTEM (New York, NY, US)
Made LCD Soundsytem great again…
Album: American Dream

8/ ‘Little Boy Blue’ by MILLIONAIRE  (Belgium)
Nasty, mind-bending groove going on forever and ever…
Album: Sciencing

9/ ‘Istanbul Is Sleepy’ byTHE LIMIÑANAS   feat. ANTON NEWCOMBE
Pounding knockout that will make your adrenalin stream faster…
EP: Istanbul Is Sleepy

10/ ‘Professional Dreamer’ by SLEEPTALKING
Explosive roller coaster with scary edge…
EPOh, Isn’t It Strange?

11/ ‘Life’ by SHHT (Ghent, Belgium)
Deranged eruption to go completely bananas to…

12/ ‘Beating Hard’ by LAS COBRAS (Uruguay)
Afro-beat psychedelia mixed with tropicalia krautrock…
Album: Temporal

13/ ‘Castle Spell‘ by SUNFLOWERS (Porto, Portugal)
Fuzzy blues punk rumble, injected with black magic…
New album: out 9 Feb 2018 – info on Bandcamp

14/ ‘Headless Children’ by MADONNATRON (London, UK)
Witchery priestesses messing up your mind with a horrific story…
Debut Album: Madonnatron

15/ ‘Get Messy’ by THE DARTS (United States of Cool Cats)
Perfect garage firework to say goodbye to 2017. PARTY NOW!
Debut Album: Me.Ow.

16/ ‘Serve The Rich’ by PINS (Manchester, UK)
Rage against injustice, intolerance and all sorts of inequality in our society…

17/ ‘Keeper’ by THE FRANKLYS (UK)
Hot-blooded, rowdy and obsessive. Ace cut from debut LP…

18/ Hit The Bottle by THE PEARL HARTS (UK)
A blitzkrieg hammer kicking ass from start to finish….

19/ ‘Man Cat Doll Machine’ by FERAL FIVE (London, UK)
Swirling disco fireball made to fill dance floors on New Year’s Eve…
4-Track EP: Man Cat Doll Machine

20/ ‘Too Much To Love’ by TomZack (London, UK)
Mind-twisting electro trash groove with a dark, scathing cadence and psycho vocals. Lovely!

ALL STAR ALBUMS TEAM – Best 11 Knockout Album Of 2017!…

2017 was a bloody rotten year for humankind
but a smashing one for smashing longplayers!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume’s All Star Team

1/ ‘Death Song’ by THE BLACK ANGELS (Austin, Texas, US)
Pitch-black, somber, mind-messing. Yes it sounded just like 2017…
Listen here

THE BLACK ANGELS: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

2/ Interplanetary Class Classics by THE MOONLANDINGZ (Sheffield, UK)
Saturday Night Fever for the outsiders, the outcasts and the outlaws…
Listen here

THE MOONLANDINGZ: Website – Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘V’ by THE HORRORS (Southend-on-Sea, UK)
Back in grand style with symphonic bravado…
Listen here

THE HORRORS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Of A Nature Of Degree’ by DUDS (Manchester, UK)
Crazed funk punk à la The Pop Group, A Certain Ratio and Pigbag with kooky horns…
Listen here

5/ ‘american dream’ by LCD SOUNDSYTEM (New York, NY, US)
‘Make LCD Soundsytem great again’, that’s what James Murphy exactly did…
Listen here

/6/ ‘Inheaven’ by INHEAVEN (London, UK)
Flaming mixed emotions rock and roll. All killers, no fillers…
Listen here

INHEAVEN: Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Madonnatron’ by MADONNATRON(London, UK)
Tribal drones, sultry grooves and hypnotic vibrations. The way we want it 24/7…
Listen here

MADONNATRON: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

8/ ‘Let the Dancers Inherit The Party’ by BRITISH SEA POWER (Brighton, UK)
This is pop paradise. Catchy, opinionated & still a rapturous power after all those years…
Listen here

BRITISH SEA POWER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

9/ ‘It’s A Dare’ by ROME IS NOT A TOWN (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Sonic Youth is dead. Long live Rome Is Not A Town
Listen here

ROME IS NOT A TOWN: Facebook – Album on Bandcamp – Label: Startracks

10/ ‘Me.Ow’ by THE DARTS (Phoenix/LA, US)
Hot garage turbo to party hard all day and all night long and again and again…
Listen here

THE DARTS: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

11/ Temporal by LAS COBRAS (Uruguay, South-America)
Psychedelic sensuality waves that vitalize all your senses…
Listen here

LAS COBRAS: Facebook Label: Fuzz Club Records

Experience Sensual Psychedelic Waves From South-America – Meet… LAS COBRAS

Here’s my last month’s interview with psych duo LAS COBRAS – it was first published
on American website 50THIRDAND3RD (my fellow music junkies over the ocean)

LAS COBRAS is an invigorating and adventurous psychedelic duo. A pair of mind-intoxicating musicians. Their intriguing debut album TEMPORAL is just one of the most beguiling and one of the coolest debut longplayers of the year in my best-of-2017-book.
As Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebella hail from Canelones, Uruguay they inject their musical vision on psychedelia with lysergic sounds of South-America, therefore they’re different from the rest of the pack. Sensual and menacing at the same time. A fascinating mixture of far-out electronics, glimmering guitars and atmospheric vocals. Sonically they explore the past and the present in order to create spellbinding vibrations for the future. Their exciting path is colored with Afro-beats and tropical waves and leave you, at the end of their magical and mysterious journey, in a bewitching trance. Let’s meet the snakes, starting with this audiovisual introduction…

Hello Sofia and Leandro…

LAS COBRAS in English means ‘The Snakes’. Should we be scared?
“A Cobra is a very poisonous snake, so you should be scared yes, haha. The name of the
band came up when we were listening and dancing to the title song of our first album ‘Temporal’, and we felt like we were dancing like a snake would do, wagging and moving
to the sound of music.”

Do you have to make choices about the language you use for your lyrics
to communicate with your homeland fans?

“Most of the music we listen to is in English, so it was an organic and natural decision to sing most songs in that language, although there are two songs in Spanish. We do not really care about the language, we let ourselves be carried away by the song and let the song decide for us.”

‘Temporal’, the title track of your debut album, hit me on first hearing. It sounds like mind-elevating music from an exotic galaxy. What is the song actually about?
“It’s not about something in particular, it’s about a feeling maybe, it’s about that nothing really matters much, not being afraid and going through with everything. The day we recorded that
song there was a big storm outside so we were refugees in our recording room while we were composing that song. The literal translation of ‘Temporal’ would be a ‘great storm’, so the song talks about going through the storm, letting it get you through and follow it until you’re free.”

Do you inject your songs with original Uruguayan music and how does it sound like?
The place where we live influences us and affects a lot, Uruguayan music is based very much on the rhythm and the cadence, especially the Candombe that is an African rhythm that is played a lot in the streets of our city. There´s a lot of great bands down here, for
us the best era of Uruguayan music was the sixties and seventies, bands like El Kinto, Los Shakers, Los Mockers, Totem, Días de Blues and Eduardo Mateo, you have to check them out. There are really good ones nowadays too, Color Horror, Hablan por la Espalda, Los Nuevos Creyentes, Cadáver Exquisito.

Does Uruguay has​ ​a​ ​vibrant​ ​​rock ​scene?
“I can’t say that there’s even a rock scene, there are really good bands, but there´s not so many places to play, so it’s hard to keep you motivated, but making music and playing with
our friends is the best motivation we have.”

I’m intrigued by the cover of the album? Does the psychedelic artwork
has a specific connection​ ​with​ ​the​ ​music?

“The art was created by Sofia, and of course it has a direct connection with the music: psychedelic waves crushing the shore. But it could lead to thousands of interpretations. Sometimes a color, a form, a shape tells you more about a feeling than an actual
picture, and I think that this is the case here.”

Artwork debut album TEMPORAL…

LAS COBRAS sounds like a full orchestra at times.
How do you generate that impactful sound?

Leandro takes care of the basses and the guitars and Sofia of the synthesizers and the maracas, and between the two we are in charge of the sequences, the melodies and the
structures of the songs. Sometimes we ask help from our friends, especially with the percussion. We usually compose and record at the same time, so we go layer by layer
adding different instruments until we see that the song does not need anything else.
We don’t have any fancy gear, a couple of guitars, a synth, a midi controller and that’s it,
limitation is the key I guess.”

What​ ​music​ ​did​ ​you​ ​listen​ ​to​ ​before​ ​or​ ​while​ ​recording​ ​the​ ​album?
“A lot, we listen to a lot of music. Back then, when writing and recording, we were listening to Suicide, Caetano Veloso, the Tropicalia movement, Moon Duo, Primal Scream, Spacemen 3, BJM, hip-hop, Ethiopian and African music.”

SUICIDE legends: an inspiration…

How do you manage to reproduce your ‘full’ sound on stage?
“When we play live we’re a five-piece band, it´s hard to recreate the music
all by ourselves, so we ask our friends to play with us.”

What movie would you choose to visualize your music on a
big screen​ ​when​ ​playing​ ​a​ ​show?

“Documentaries about nature and animals.”

Any​ ​rituals​ ​before​ ​starting​ ​a​ ​gig?
“There is nothing in particular, it always changes depending on the environment
and the different stimuli that we have.”

Who’s​ ​your​​ ​number​ ​one​ ​artist/band​ ​to​ ​go​ ​on​ ​a​ ​world​ ​tour​ ​with​?
“Oh, going on tour with the Primal Scream would be really fun, they seem to be the kind
of people who like to party and know how to have a great time, haha…”

Primal Scream & Las Cobras – I just love the idea…

Vinyl,​ ​cassette​ ​or​ ​compact​ ​disc?
“Vinyl, the size, the whole ritual of playing music on vinyl is incomparable
with any other format.”

​Social​ ​media:​ ​a​ ​blessing​ ​or​ ​a​ ​pain​ ​in​ ​the​ ​ass?
“It depends. For us it has been a great tool to meet people who have helped us to promote
our music, it will always depend on how you use it and what your intentions are.”

​Who ​you really love to jam with​?
Anton Newcombe is a great reference for us, musically but also in how to approach music, with no boundaries or limitations, playing with him would almost be a dream come true.”

Anton Newcombe – psychedelia expert…

Best​ ​album​ ​you​ ​heard​ ​so​ ​far​ ​this​ ​year?
” ‘Our Mother Was A Plant’ by JUJU.’

The​ ​Black​ ​Angels​ ​or​ ​The​ ​Brian​ ​Jonestown​ ​Massacre?
The Brian Jonestown Massacre all the way, we really like The Black Angels too, but the Jonestown are a really important band for us, we saw them last year in Buenos Aires twice and they were incredible.”

The​ ​Velvet​ ​Underground​ ​or​ ​Pink​ ​Floyd?
The Velvet Underground. I think it has more similarities with our sound, and we start hanging out as a couple the day that Lou Reed died, so that has to mean something, right?”

​Any​ ​chance​ ​of​ ​seeing​ ​you​ ​soon​ ​in​ ​Europe​ ​for​ ​some​ ​shows?
“We want to go there next year, it’s not easy for a South American band to tour that far.
It would a dream come true for us.”

What​ ​can​ ​we​ ​expect​ ​from​ ​LAS​ ​COBRAS​ ​in​ ​2018?
“Hopefully a new album, and a tour!”

​What’s​ ​the​ ​band’s​ ​ultimate​ ​dream?
“Keep playing and keep having fun while playing, buy the ticket and enjoy the ride.”

Many thanks to Sofia and Leandro for the Q & A. May the road rise with LAS COBRAS

Turn off the lights, relax and embrace the full journey…


TEMPORAL available via Fuzz Club. Info here.

LAS COBRAS: Facebook

MY 2017 ALL STAR TEAM – So Far! 17 Dope Tracks…

Best tracks of 2017… so far
Seventeen towering tracks
Sonic food for body and soul
Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘I’d Kill For Her’ by THE BLACK ANGELS (Austin, Texas)
Mind-boggling electricity fueled with haunting riffs and a flaming chorus…
AlbumDeath Song

2/ ‘Vessels’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (Sheffield, UK)
Wacky electro-escapism-rock for all outsiders on this troubled planet…
Album: Interplanetary Class Classics

3/ ‘Too Much To Love’ by TOMZACK (United Kingdom)
Creepy groove, psycho vocals and crushing finale!…

4/ ‘LC Over Lithuania’ by GRUPPO DI PAWLOWSKI (Antwerp, Belgium)
Demonic noise rock trip with the brilliant Mauro Pawlowski & his freaky gang…
Album: In Human Hands

5/ THICK GIRLS KNOCK ME OUT (Richard Starkey) by THE DANDY WARHOLS (Portland)
The groove experts still score the smoking way we all like to go bananas to…

6/ ‘Yuk Foo’ by WOLF ALICE (London, UK)
Extremely furious outburst that will strike you straight in the face…
Album: ‘Visions Of A Life’ – out 29 September

7/ ‘Professional Dreamer’ by SLEEPTALKING (Bristol, UK)
A heavily brisk roller-rock-coaster from these electrifying British newcomers…
EP: 4-track debut Oh, Isn’t It Strange?

8/ ‘Forever Sounds’ by LINN KOCH-EMERY (Stockholm, Sweden)
Perfect pop debut that will play on repeat in your hungry head after one listen…

9/ ‘Hit The Bottle’ by THE PEARL HARTS (United Kingdom)
Stirring and red-hot sledgehammer to mess up your speakers…
Debut album coming soon via Pledge Music

10/ ‘Bless This Acid House’ by KASABIAN (Leicester, UK)
Leicester‘s ardent party animals doing what they do best…
Album: For Crying Out Loud

11/ ‘Roman God-Like Man’ by TEMPLES (Kettering, England)
Glamorous guitar pop stroke with a glorious T.Rex touch…
Album: Volcano

12/ ‘Alabaster’ by ALL THEM WITCHES (Nashville, TN, US)
A sonic psych serpent that creeps slowly but surely under your skin…
Album: Sleeping Through War

13/ ‘If Before I Wake’ by THE DISTRICTS (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Amplified, emotional rock grandeur with an epic swagger…
Album: Popular Manipulations

14/ ‘New Religion’ by GOLD CONNECTIONS (Charlottesville, Virginia, US)
One-man band Will Marsh hits you with monumental intensity and blustery passion…
EP: self-titled debut – here on Bandcamp

15/ ‘I Promise’ by RADIOHEAD (Oxfordshire, UK)
The masters of melancholia made me cry when I heard this pearl for the first time…
Album: OK Computer – Reissue – 1997/2017

16/ ‘Sunrise (Eyes Of The Young)’ by THE FLAMING LIPS (Oklahoma, US)
Sonic fairytale for sensitive hearts and romantic souls…
Album: Oczy Mlody

17/ ‘Temporal’ by LAS COBRAS (Canelones, Uruguay)
Chill-out psychedelia with a dark and sensual South-American vibe …
Album: Temporal

FOURTEEN KNOCKOUTS! On-Repeat-In-May-2017…

Fourteen knockouts I played on repeat in May!
A stellar mix of groovy vibes and electric havoc
that energized all my senses this past month!
Turn up the volume! Here is the sonic dope…

1/ ‘Sissy Fists’ by QUEEN ZEE AND THE SASSTONES (Liverpool, England)
Wicked band name, mental look and a crushing debut single! Ace stuff!

2/ ‘Governed By Contagions’ by AT THE DRIVE IN (El Paso, Texas, US)
Red-hot post punks back with a stream of adrenaline…
New album: ‘in•ter a•li•a’ – stream here

3/ ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’ by ROYAL BLOOD (Brighton, England)
Two men army on a mission to break down the wall-of-sound…
New album: ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ – out 16 June – details here

4/ ‘LC Over Lithuania’ by GRUPPI DI PAWLOWSKI (Antwerp, Belgium)
Dark and loud side of multi-faced musician Mauro Pawlowski is back…
New album: In Inhuman Hands‘ – discover the madness here

5/ ‘Beehive‘ by MARK LANEGAN BAND (Washington, US)
Mark Lanegan still – three decades into his career – causes sonic goosebumps!…
New album: Gargoyle‘ – enjoy here

6/ ‘Little Boy Blue’ by MILLIONAIRE (Belgium)
Eccentric artist Tim Van Hamel & Millionaire return after 12 years and groove like hell…
New album:Sciencing‘ – experience it here

7/ ‘Oo La La’ by BETH DITTO (Arkansas, US)
Non-stop party time with the ex-Gossip frontwoman…
Album:Fake Sugar‘ – out 16 June – details here

8/ ‘Get High (No, I Don’t) by MAXIMO PARK (Newcastle Upon Tyne, England)
Highly catchy rocker that will vitalize your limbs from start to finish…
New album: ‘Risk To Exist’ – stream here

9/ ‘School Me’ by THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Schizophrenic outburst of manic psychedelia – ‘Close the door and turn up the music…’
Debut album:Transgressors’ – catch it here on Bandcamp

10/ ‘Captain’s Dead’ by THE COATHANGERS (Atlanta, Georgia, US)
Amplified garage pop electricity that will excite your body & soul instantly…
New EP: ‘Parasite‘ – play it loud here on Bandcamp

11/ ‘Riff’ by TOTTY (Wollongong, NSW, Australia)
Grunge-fueled stroke with a vibrant flow, energetic vocals and an overall catchy vibe…

12/ ‘Frankie’ by THE COURTNEYS (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Vivacious and irresistible garage pop earworm that sticks after one play…
New album: ‘II’ – jump to it here on Bandcamp

13/ ‘If Before I Wake’ by THE DISTRICTS (Lititz, Pennsylvania, US)
Enthralling and emotional epicness. Welcome back…
New album:Popular Manipulations‘ – out via Fat Possum Records on 11 August

14/ ‘Temporal’ by LAS COBRAS (Canelones Department, Uruguay)
Chill out with this fascinating, psychedelic trance trip…
Debut album:Temporal’ – capture the whole journey here on Bandcamp

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

LAS COBRAS – Discover The South American Duo’s Psychedelic Trance Debut Album ‘TEMPORAL’…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


‘Temporal’ by LAS COBRAS

LAS COBRAS out of Canelones, Uruguay is an invigorating and experimental psychedelic duo. They got our attention earlier on when they shared some intriguing tracks from their debut album TEMPORAL which is out now via Fuzz Club describing the band’s very first achievement as: ”influenced as much by psych/krautrock greats as it is wildly immersed in
the lysergic sounds of South America – at times delving into lush and textured afro-beat and tropicalia influences.

It’s really an amazing record. A haunting and enthralling trance trip from start to finish
with a tremendous mix of electronics, glowing guitars and twilight vocals. At times their soundscapes are dark, far-out and mysterious, but Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebella‘s overall groovy approach turns the whole journey into a thrilling and ongoing energizing experience. They explore sonic waves from the past, the present and create some of their own for the future. Definitely one of the best debut albums of the year. Here’s why…

LAS COBRAS: Facebook – Fuzz Club

LAS COBRAS – Fascinating South America Drenched Psychedelia…

Clips that will impress your ears and your eyes…


‘So Much Love’ by LOS CROBAS

LAS COBRAS out of Canelones, Uruguay is a highly promising, experimental trance psych duo. They will release their debut LP ‘Temporal’ on May 19th via Fuzz Club describing the record as: ”influenced as much by psych/krautrock greats as it is wildly immersed in the lysergic sounds of South America – at times delving into lush and textured afro-beat and tropicalia influences.” But first their creepy video for SO MUCH LOVE, the LP’s second single. A dark,
nightmarish trip. Experience it here…

LAS COBRAS: Facebook – Bandcamp

Artwork TEMPORAL album – out 19th May…

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 11 – 2017…


A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven stirring tracks I played on repeat these past days
Seven ardent strokes to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Hands Around The Waste’ by VULGARIANS (Hull, UK)
Agitated mix of nasty panache, sharply cutting vocals and an insanely capricious chorus. Post punk with a piercing attitude. Top cut from new EP ‘Almost-Instinct ‘ – out on 5 May.

VULGARIANS: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Dead Beach’ by THE MAD DOCTORS (New York, New York, US)
These garage rock fueled gang sounds exactly like they look. Fired up, mad for it, psychotic and damn bloody ready to rock their asses off. The beards will release their new album
No Waves, Just Sharks‘ on 14 April. All details here on Bandcamp.

THE MAD DOCTORS: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Man Cat Doll Machine’ by FERAL FIVE (London, UK)
Electro duo Kat and Drew Five never sounded so ecstatic and heated. Pushed by a sparkling drive from start to finish and lyrically inspired by the great Picasso‘s work. It’s the highly energetic title track from their new 4-track EP. Stream here on Soundcloud.

FERAL FIVE: Facebook – Tumblr – Twitter

4/ ‘Nothing Is Always’ by WAAX (Brisbane, Australia)
This brand new single is a smoking, furious rock bolide with a very loud and clear message “Life’s fucked up, nothing is always / Sometimes we mess up, nothing is always“. Pure dynamite!

WAAX: Website – Bandcamp – Twitter

5/ ‘Tape Dead Light’ by THE 89 (France/UK)
French singer M and British guitarist Richard just released this impressive debut single.
An electrifying and menacing slow-moving blues rock stroke à la The Kills dominated by menacing guitars and M’s sensually cool voice. A first EP will be released this summer …

THE 89: Website – Bandcamp – Twitter

6/ ‘Water Slide’ by WOOLY MAMMOTHS (Brussels, Belgium)
Psychedelic guitar pop at its very best. Highly catchy, heavenly melodic and richly colored arrangements, annex sunny groove. Quality songwriting. Spring is definitely in the air…

WOOLY MAMMOTHS: Facebook – Tumblr

7/ ‘Temporal’ by LAS COBRAS (Canelones, Uruguay)
Open your mind and ears, put on your earphones and experience this fascinating, relaxing, South-American psychedelic trip. Quite special! A truly inspiring journey.

LOS COBRAS: Facebook – Bandcamp

See/hear you next week, music junkies…