Mind-Pleasing Psychedelia Out Of South-America – LAS COBRAS’ New Single ‘IDA’

LAS COBRAS is a bewitching and mind-pleasing psychedelic act led by key members
Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebella – out of Uruguay. They produce trippy waves as they
did so fascinating well on their splendid debut album Temporal. One of the best debut LPs of 2017. This year’s marvelous follow-up longplayer SELVA takes the sonic boundaries another step further with spellbinding guitar reverberation, dreamy synths, and sensual vocals.

The band issued IDA last month, one of the highlights
of the new record, as a single. Here’s a mesmeric live version…

Stream/buy SELVA here…

LAS COBRAS: Facebook – Fuzz Club 

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