LIZ PHAIR Sparkles Again – Discover Her First Album In 10 Years… ‘SOBERISH’

6 June 2021

Real name: Elizabeth Clark Phair
Born: New Haven, Connecticut – 17 April 1967
Who: Charismatic singer/songwriter Amazon who
started her career back in 1989. She recorded and
released seven studio albums.

New Album: SOBERISH – her first LP in 10 years
Released: 4 June 2021 – order info here

Liz Phair: “I was seduced back into Liz Phair, able to make
a record exactly how I wanted to, without any other pressures
or forces. Full attention. I’m dying on that hill. Whatever that
outcome is, I did what I set out to do.”

NME‘s verdict: “‘Soberish’ serves as a reminder of Liz Phair’s brilliance after years of underestimation. Far from simply drawing on her most critically acclaimed albums, it
draws on the whole lot, and finds newness within. ‘Bad Kitty’ (sample lyric: “My pussy is
a big dumb cat / It lies around lazy and fat”) feels like a throwback to Phair’s most playful
side: evident both on the debut and her 2010 release ‘Funstyle’. ‘In There’ and ‘Soul Sucker’
show off her atmospheric prowess, and sit closest to ‘Whitechocolatespaceegg’. These are all songs that, just like the rest of Phair’s finest moments, have a delicious knack for becoming lodged in your brain.”
Full review: here. Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: To my ears, Phair’s new longplayer is filled with poppy sparks
and easy-listening tunes. Whatever she sings about ( love, sex, pain, hate, ghosts, Lou Reed) she sounds as she’s having the time of her life (again). Good-humored, soulful, and gamesome. Not the masterpiece NME says it is but definitely a feel-good and relaxing LP
to spin on lazy summer days.

Singles/clips: Hey Lou / In There / Spanish Doors




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Moony Musing – ‘IN THERE’ By LIZ PHAIR From Her New Upcoming Album

New sonic impulses

13 May 2021

Chicago raised Amazon LIZ PHAIR drops new album
SOBERISH – her 7th – next June. It’s Her first new music
in 11 years. Order info here.

After singles Good Side, Hey Lou and Spanish Doors
she slows down for a moony musing called IN THERE.

“I can think of a thousand things that are wrong/ And I can think of
a thousand reasons why you and I don’t get along/ But somehow, you
got in there/ Like smoke under the door, or cold coming in through the
floor, you got in there.”

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11 February 2021

Longtime rocker/songwriter LIZ PHAIR shows her love for
the late great Lou Reed and his wife Laurie Anderson with
a tribute song called HEY LOU.

“Have you ever wondered what love looks like for your favorite
celebrity couple behind closed doors?”
said Phair in a statement.

Hey Lou is sung from the perspective of
Laurie with insulting lines like these…

No one knows what to think
When you’re acting like an asshole
Spilling all the drinks
And talking shit about Warhol again
Who is that fool in the den?
I’m not running a zoo here, tell me now
What can we do?

Hey Lou
Are you feeling alright
Whatcha wanna do
Is he staying all night?
Hey Lou
Are you feeling alright…

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LIZ PHAIR Released Highly Praised Debut LP ‘EXILE IN GUYVILLE’ 25 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

22 June 2018



Released: 22 June 1993 – 25 years ago

All Music wrote: “If ‘Exile In Guyville’ is shockingly assured and fully formed for a debut
album, there are a number of reasons why. Most prominent of these is that many of the
songs were initially essayed on Liz Phair’s homemade cassette ‘Girlysound’, which means
that the songs are essentially the cream of the crop from an exceptionally talented artist.
Each of the 18 songs maintains a high level of quality, showcasing a singer/songwriter of immense imagination, musically and lyrically. If she never equaled this record, well, few
Score: 5/5 – Full review here

Track by Track: Liz Phair spoke in-depth about each and every song
on her debut album with Rolling Stone Magazine. Read it here.

Album in full…

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