Turn Up The Volume’s TOP 5 Of Lust For IGGY POP LPs

1. LUST FOR LIFE – 2nd LP – August 1977

AllMusic: “Iggy managed to channel the aggressive power of his work with the Stooges
with the intelligence and perception of ‘The Idiot’, and the result was smart, funny, edgy,
and hard-rocking. ‘Lust for Life is the best album of Iggy Pop’s solo career.”

Score: 10/10

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2. THE IDIOT – solo debut – March 1977

Pitchfork: “Where once he was infernal and freewheeling, he now became
cool and restrained by Bowie’s careful, calculated producer’s hand.”

Score: 8.5/10

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3. THE STOOGES – the band’ debut album – August 1969

Rolling Stone: “Loud, boring, tasteless, unimaginative and childish.”
Well, they changed, like so many critics who didn’t like it when
it was released, their minds later.

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4. BRICK BY BRICK – 9th album – June 1990

AllMusic: “Smart, tough, and impressive on all counts, Brick by Brick was Iggy Pop’s strongest work since Lust for Life, and marked a new high point in his career as a songwriter.”
Score: 9/10

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5. POST POP DEPRESSION – 17th LP – March 2016

NME: “The punk genius confronts the grim reaper
with gnarly poetry and sassy garage rock.”

Score: 10/10

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IGGY POP – Masterstroke ‘THE PASSENGER’ Gets A Music Video After 43 Years

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

10 July 2020

IGGY POP‘s masterstroke THE PASSENGER from Lust For Life ,
unquestionably his best LP ever, gets a music video 43 years after
it was released as the B-side to single Success (from the same album).

The clip features black and white images of a young Pop
passing by footage of night-time motorway driving.

Singin’ la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la…

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‘LUST FOR LIFE’ By Living Legend IGGY POP (1977)

Top singles from the past…

15 April 2020

Artist: Iggy Pop 
Single: Lust For Life
Co-written with David Bowie
B-side: Success
Released: October 1977
Note: The famous drum rhythm was based on the Armed Forces Network call signal,  which Pop and Bowie picked up on while waiting for a broadcast of Starsky & Hutch.
Album:  Lust For Life – Pop’s second album, produced by himself, Bowie and engineer Colin Thurston under the name of ‘Bewlay Bros‘.

Here we go (Trainspotting clip) …

Pop’s infamous TV performance on Dutch TV…

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Happy Birthday… IGGY POP

20 April 2019

James Newell Osterberg Jr. aka IGGY POP turns 72 today. The Godfather (an appropriate term now) of punk was born on 21 April 1947. And he still has tons of lust for life. Here are three glowing crackers ro celebrate this eternal punk icon’s birthday…

(legendary Dutch TV Show – 1977)


(with dance stars Underworld)

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To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s… IGGY POP & Friends

Weekly firework to splinter Blue Mondays into a thousand pieces…


IGGY POP returned this year with excellent album Post Pop Depression, recorded with some famous friends and the former Stooge went back on the road again to play highly praised gigs around half of the planet. Not bad for a 68-year old who had his (giant) share of the excessive side of good old rock and roll. And to crush Blue Mondays we still can trust on the man’s most notorious (solo) outburst ever. Here’s a thrilling live version of LUST FOR LIFE performed with his new buddies on BBC‘s ‘Later with… Jools Holland‘ show…

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