Glam & Glitter Hero MARC BOLAN Died In A Car Crash 45 Years Ago This Year

20 March 2022

On 6 September 1977 it will be 45 years since MARC BOLAN, the pin-up
spearhead of glam and glitter rock legends T.REX died in a car incident. He
was only 29. His wife was behind the wheel enad survived the crash.

A 45th Anniversary Concert will take place in London in September with British
veteran stars Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Tony Visconti (celebrated producer), David
(Japan) Toyah, Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Andy Ellison and
several more.

R.I.P. eternal jeepster…


By Fans Demand – FERAL FIVE Get It On!

29 January 2022

London’s electronic duo FERAL FIVE pay
homage to the late great glam rock icon
MARC BOLAN and T.REX with their new
cover of the classic GET IT ON.

FF: “Featuring both Ferals on vocals, this stomping version saw a fans-only sneak
peek to celebrate finishing their album. They soon had requests for a full release,
which the band dutifully obliged. Talk about ‘Bang A Gong’, this track has dirty synths,
floating fuzz guitar, heavy bass and beats (including cymbals and gongs of course).
Crank up the generator and set your speakers to overload, this song is more than
electric, it’s a mesmeric fully Feralised electronic smash!

The duo’s version is a repetitive banging gong going on and on.
Glam and glitter electro for the dancefloor lit by a rotating, shiny
disco ball.

Let’s dance, take a chance, understand me
You’re dirty, sweet and you’re my girl…

FERAL FIVE: Facebook

T.REX – Glam Rock Stomper ‘GET IT ON’ Came Out 50 Years Ago Today

Top singles from the past…

2 July 2021

This day 50 years ago, on 2 July 1971 the late great Marc Bolan‘s
glam rock band T. REX released GET IT ON, one of their 24 Karat
knockout hits.

Bolan revealed later that he took the main riff from Chuck Berry‘s hit
Little Queenie. In the US the track was renamed ‘Bang a Gong (Get It On)
to avoid confusion with a song of the same name by a combo called Chase.

Let’s groove it on…

T.REX: Facebook

20th Century Metalboy AL JOURGENSEN Covers T.REX

25 November 2020

AL JOURGENSEN, the disturbed spearhead of Chicago’s veteran metal act
MINISTRY teamed up in 2018 with LA-based Goth rock supergroup BEAUTY
for a titanic and back-breaking cover of 1973 glam hit 20TH CENTURY
by T. REX.

Their take is over the metallic moon. Steamed-up, hot-tempered, and filthy
with Jourgensen‘s horror-ific vox adding a Satanique craziness and heated
harmonica fragments reinforcing the stampede force of this blowout.


I actually picked this ripper as cover of the week in the light of the recent event of MARC
, rightly so, becoming a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His son ROLAN did the acceptance speech in name of his late father…

Rolan himself covered T. Rex‘s 20th Century slam, last year, together with
The Mission‘s frontman Wayne Hussey and also a Beauty In Chaos mix…


(photo on top: cover ‘Relapse’ album)