New Album Of Old MARIANNE FAITHFULL Songs Lands In September

24 July 2022

Record label UMC announced in a press statement
details of a new MARIANNE FAITHFULL.

SONGS OF INNOCENCE AND EXPERIENCE 1965-1995 is the definitive overview
of the first 30 years of Marianne Faithfull’s recording career on the Decca and
Island labels. The 2 LP/2 CD formats land on 16th September.

This collection features all of Marianne’s notable singles, which are often represented in collectible 12” and 7” versions. Particularly rare is the original issue of her final Decca 7” ‘Something Better’ / ‘Sister Morphine’; subsequent releases used different masters, but
these original recordings have been unavailable since 1969.

Further unreleased tracks are live versions of ‘Brain Drain’ and ‘The Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ recorded during Marianne’s now legendary performance at St Anne’s in Brooklyn, highlights of which were released on the 1990 album Blazing Away. This collection also includes 2 previously unheard songs; a traditional blues ballad ‘I’m In Love Again’ cut during the Strange Weather sessions in 1987 and ‘The Calm Before the Storm’ written by Lou Reed and Rubén Blades which Marianne recorded for an abandoned studio album in 1989.

Marianne’s cover of Donovan’s song Sunny Goodge Street

The title Songs of Innocence and Experience acknowledges Marianne’s poetic influences with its reference to the work by William Blake, whilst also reflecting the change in style from the orchestral folk-pop and high pure voice of Marianne’s ‘60s career to her new wave punk influenced comeback at the end of the 70s with Broken English which featured her now trademark fractured vocals.

The front cover features a hand-drawn pencil image by Lithuanian artist Aistė Stancikaitė, commissioned exclusively for the project and the packaging also contains many rare and unseen images taken from the original album and single photo shoots.
The collection has been remastered from the original tapes by the Grammy-nominated compiler Andrew Batt, who also contributes sleeve notes.

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Perfect Poetry Voice – MARIANNE FAITHFULL Shares Single ‘SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY’

New sonic impulses…

1 March 2021

Living legend MARIANNE FAITHFULL has a new album ready called
She Walks In Beauty, recorded at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown.
Faithfull herself was hospitalized with corona but, fortunately, recovered.

The upcoming longplayer is one of poetry set to music. Faithfull dived
into the works of famous poets/writers like Lord Byron, Tennyson, John
Keats, William Wordsworth
and worked with Nick Cave‘s longtime bad
seed brother Warren Ellis (they both just released new LP Carnage) as
her assistant. Cave himself, Brian Eno and cellist Vincent Ségal also appear
on the record.

Here’s the first single, the title track She Walks in Beauty.
Faithfull‘s nicotine voice is just perfect and bewitching.

Listen here…


Pre-order info here.

Sounds Like Xmas When MARIANNE FAITHFULL & KEITH RICHARDS Sing A Country Lullaby…

2 December 2020

Back in 2008 sixties pinup Marianne Faithfull recorded an album of covers,
titled Easy Come, Easy Go, in duet with Nick Cave, Rufus Wainwright, Cat Power,
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
and several more artists.

One take that stands out to my ears is the version of Sing Me Back Home,
a charming lullaby by the late country singer Merle Haggard (1937-2016).
Marianne did this one with her first Rolling Stone lover, Keith Richards.

They sound lovely, they sound Xmassy

The original

Easy Come, Easy Go in full…


Remarkable albums from the past

‘Broken English’

Released: 2 Nov 1979
Seventh studio album

THE GUARDIAN says: “In theory at least, there were more opportune moments in pop history for a forgotten 60s legend to stage a comeback than the late 1970s. Admirably less tolerant than subsequent generations of the idea that the 60s were a matchless cultural high-water mark, punks made a great pantomimic show of disdaining the preceding decade. “No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones/ In 1977,” sang the Clash. And yet the punk generation seemed to make an exception for Marianne Faithfull. McLaren attempted to cast her as Sid Vicious’s junkie mother in The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle. The songs on her 1979 comeback album, Broken English, were premiered at a gig at the Music Machine in London, the bearpit venue where Bob Geldof was punched in the face in the middle of a Boomtown Rats gig and Richard Hell received such a grim reception that Rotten, of all people, took the stage to ask for calm. “Punk,” Faithfull later recalled, “made Broken English possible. The record careers by, its 35 minutes as bracingly full of venom and spite as anything her punk admirers could muster. For Faithfull, it seemed to work as catharsis.” – Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘S favorite track: title track BROKEN ENGLISH

Album in full

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When great artists cover great artists…


On her excellent 1999 album Vagabonds Ways the former 60s Rolling Stones connected celebrity & tremendous voice Marianne Faithfull covered the late Leonard Cohen’s classic Tower Of Song (1988) in a truly captivating and serene way with lots of respect and love
for the author. Only last month she included the song in her set at the Bataclan venue
in Paris. A now, unfortunately, world-famous concert hall because of the awful terrorist attack of last year when gunmen killed 90 people inside the building. The 69-year old singer’s (partially living in France’s capital) tribute to Cohen on 25 November was really special. Find out here why…

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Here’s the master himself with an intimate live version…