Perfect Poetry Voice – MARIANNE FAITHFULL Shares Single ‘SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY’

New sonic impulses…

1 March 2021

Living legend MARIANNE FAITHFULL has a new album ready called
She Walks In Beauty, recorded at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown.
Faithfull herself was hospitalized with corona but, fortunately, recovered.

The upcoming longplayer is one of poetry set to music. Faithfull dived
into the works of famous poets/writers like Lord Byron, Tennyson, John
Keats, William Wordsworth
and worked with Nick Cave‘s longtime bad
seed brother Warren Ellis (they both just released new LP Carnage) as
her assistant. Cave himself, Brian Eno and cellist Vincent Ségal also appear
on the record.

Here’s the first single, the title track She Walks in Beauty.
Faithfull‘s nicotine voice is just perfect and bewitching.

Listen here…


Pre-order info here.

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