Hypnotic Power Of Repetition – VEIK Dazzles Your Mind With New Single ‘DIFFICULT MACHINERY’

1 March 2021

(photo by Louis Geslain)

Band: VEIK
Who: French three-piece that deal in an experimental post-punk
sound centered around analog synths and abrasive instrumentation,
taking cues from Krautrock and No Wave.

Pick: DIFFICULT MACHINERY – new single from upcoming
album ‘Surrounding Structures’, out in April.

Drummer and vocalist Boris Collet wrote the lyrics after watching his dad
ill in a hospital bed: “Seeing him weakened and plugged into banks of machines
through cables that radiated from his body was a weird experience. This concept
of ‘difficult machinery’ made sense to emphasise the mind-body dualism through the
metaphor of the body as a machine.

Score: Why make it complex when you can dazzle a mind with a simple but totally
effective ongoing organ riff? Ask French trio VEIK ’cause they produce the perfect
Krautrock stimulus to give you a repetitive roller coaster feeling with a brainwashing
effect that goes on like forever. The ghosts of Alan Vega and Martin Rev float all over
this head-spinning sonic rotation. The hypnotic power of repetition is irresistible.

Here’s why…

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Surrounding Structures – out April 30th via Fuzz Club Records

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