The Perfect Nightmare For MARK LANEGAN’s Voice – HEY COLOSSUS Share New Pitch Black Track ‘MIRROR’

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5 September 2020


Seems like all artists want to collaborate with the hardest working man in rockbizz.
This time it’s London’s pretty awesome post-punk noise bulldozer HEY COLOSSUS
that invited MARK LANEGAN to join them for a track of their upcoming, 13th album, Dances/Curses out 20 November via bassist Joe Thompson’s own Wrong Speed
Records label.

“The lucky thirteenth record by Hey Colossus is the work of six musicians in tune with the dualities of life as a loud rock band, fit to channel both the dances of aspiration and the
curses of reality into a record that transcends all limitations in a blinding volley of incandescence.”

The collaborative song called MIRROR is a pitch-black slow moving serpent. Creepy, ominous and enigmatic. A fitting piece for the midnight hours. I’m sure that the devil’s voice matches Lanegan‘s voice. And I’m sure that Hey Colossus wrote this nightmare
with the ex-Screaming Trees’ frontman’s unique vox. Scary but hauntingly perfect!

“Yanking a knife from the
lifeless flesh lump by my feet.”

Lyric video…


New album Dances/Curses out 20 November. All info here.

(photo on top: by TUTV!)

GREG DULLI & MARK LANEGAN Cover BOB DYLAN For RSD 2020 (29th August)

28 August 2020

GREG DULLI & MARK LANEGAN, two of the most characterful voices in
rock, you can recognize anytime, anywhere joined forces years ago as
The Gutter Twins leaving a lasting impression with their 2008 album

The two 24/7 musicians now teamed up again for a cover of Bob Dylan’s
Girl From The North Country
(a duet with his buddy, the late legend
Johnny Cash) from his 1969 Nashville Skyline album.

The cover was the B-side to Greg Dulli‘s single A Ghost from his magnificent solo
album Random Desire (one of this year’s best longplayers). Tomorrow 29 August,
the duet song is available as a limited blue vinyl release. More info HERE. Suppose
living troubadour legend Bob Dylan would have joined the pair for this unqiue recording. Sorry… I was only dreaming.

Sing it, guys…

The original
(striking live version)

GREG DULLI: Facebook / MARK LANEGAN: Twitter

Natural born vocalists…

Perfect Match In Synth Heaven – British Electro Duo IYEARA Remixes Doom And Gloom Vox MARK LANEGAN

22 Augustus 2020

Artists: Mark Lanegan and Iyeara
Album: Another Knock At The Door (IYEARA Remixes)
Released: 21 August 2020

Info: Lanegan and dark wave duo Iyeara have combined their talents to release a remix of his entire 2019 album Somebody’s Knocking reimagined as Another Knock At The Door. Released on Mark‘s label Flooded Soil Recordings, the album is the first full record he has given to another artist to rework. Iyeara have also remixed for the likes of Laura Marling’s LUMP project, UNKLE, The Prodigy, The Boxer Rebellion, The Ting Tings and several more.

Score: Over the years lots of electronic remixes of rock and roll albums turned out to
be a failure, mostly because the true soul and spirit of the original record drowned into
a messy pool of beep and bleeps superabundance caused by over-enthusiastic techno artists. Here’s a rare exception. IYEARA don’t crush Lanegan‘s songs with an arty-farty production by hi-tech computers, they embrace them with sonic love and creative insight.

And most of all they treat the real hero – Lanegan‘s doom and gloom vox – with all the respect it deserves. What they do is surrounding the former Screaming Trees frontman’s gripping vocals, alternately, with fitting cinematic, atmospheric, transcendent, spellbinding and symphonic synth-scapes bringing Leftfield, Chemical Brothers and Orbital to mind. This surprising collaboration became a perfect match in heaven with a human, not a robotic feel. Who would ever thought you would dance in mysterious ways to Mark Lanegan in a darkwave discotheque? Mission accomplished.

Singles: Playing Nero / She Loved You



Album in full

MARK LANEGAN: Facebook / IYEARA: Facebook

The man in the middle…

Five Fervent Firecrackers – STAY ON TRACK IN THE WEEKEND…

14 August / 16 August 2020…

Five new firecrackers to boost your weekend…

1. ‘She Loved You’ by MARK LANEGAN remixed by IYEARA (US/UK)
A ritual voodoo-like disco dance. Pitchy synth beats for the twilight hours. On
21st August the full remix album of Mark Lanegan‘s 11th LP  Somebody’s Knocking
by British electro duo Iyeara comes out, re-titled ‘Another Knock At The Door‘.

by ERIIS (Belgium)
This fresh passion-rock trio’s mantra is Chaos, Strife And Discord. Their sound is as monumental as the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris and this debut single is nothing
less than awesome. A terrific reflection on the Tulsa Race Riots that occurred in 1921.

3. ‘Prism’ by BULLY (Nashville, Tennessee)
Vehement and electrical power-pop slam with a “happy go lucky/fuck-it-all attitude
and ardent vocals by Alicia Bognanno. Third album SUGAREGG arrives next week.

4. ‘The Greyhound’ by TRAAMS (Chicester, UK)
British post-punk trio back after four years to do what they do best. Taking the listener
on an ongoing riff-tastic trance trip with an instant mind-boggling impact. Impressive!
The first of a trio of new pieces coming our way over the next few months.

5. ‘Baby Let’s Make It Real’ by EELS (UK)
The beautiful freak is back with a vintage Eels humdinger. Reflective, wistful, strangely catchy and deadpan lines like “Baby, you’re a full meal, the way you make me feel/ It’s
kind of a big deal/ Baby, let’s make it real.”
Welcome back Mark Oliver Everett.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

Saturday Dark Wave Fever Night With IYEARA And MARK LANEGAN – Here’s ‘SHE LOVED YOU’

New sonic impulses…

6 August 2020

MARK LANEGAN, one of the most productive artists in rock, released his highly praised 11th longplayer Somebody’s Knocking last year. The man loves to collaborate with other musicians to explore other directions and to experiment with new sonic ideas.

This time he joined forces with British dark-wave electro trio IYEARA to remix that great album. The longplayer arrives, retitled as ANOTHER KNOCK AT THE DOOR on 21 August. Our ears already got impressed with the first shared track ‘Playing Nere‘ early July and here’s a second cut, a soul-stirring stomper.

SHE LOVED YOU moves like a ritual voodoo-like disco dance. Atmospheric, bewitching,
and totally magnetizing. Pitchy synth beats for the twilight hours. Dusky electro shadows to start and end Saturday dark wave fever nights with.

Get up and move…

In case you missed Playing Nero, press play here…

You can pre-order the remixes album here

IYEARA: Facebook / MARK LANEGAN: Twitter

MARK LANEGAN And Electro Trio IYEARA Team Up For Darkwave Remix…

New sonic impulses…

8 July 2020

MARK LANEGAN, one of the hardest working men in rock and one of the most haunting voices in this universe is always looking for new challenges and collaborations. This time he teams up with British electro trio IYEARA, not only to remix just one of his songs. No, Lanegan and the Brits locked themselves in a studio for a remix of the whole of his 2019 longplayer Somebody’s Knocking. The record will be out on 21 August.


Here’s taster PLAYING NERO. The slow-moving shadowy song turns into an even
darker meditation than the original as if the lights went out in the studio while remixing.

It fits Lanegan‘s bedimmed musing like an electro glove. Emotive, poignant, spacey, and chilling. Seems like these like-minded musicians will impress us with a special piece of
dark waves when the LP comes out.

Listen here…

IYEARA: Facebook / MARK LANEGAN: Twitter


To honor IAN CURTIS, the late iconic and troubled frontman of Manchester’s legends
JOY DIVISION, who took his own life 40 years ago, on 18 May 1980, Los Angeles’ post-
punk act COLD CAVE teamed up with the omnipresent MARK LANEGAN. As renowned connoisseurs of dark Goth-like nightmares themselves, this combo is just perfect for a Curtis tribute.

They picked ISOLATION to cover. Probably the most catchy Joy Division track, but also
a bleak self-reflection of low esteem by the band’s regretted protagonist. I’m pretty sure their choice refers also to the surreal lockdown days we all experience. The Cold Cave / Lanegan rendition is a respectful homage with an equally buzzing drive – rousing bass and glimmering synths – and heavyhearted vocals.

Mother I tried please believe me,
I’m doing the best that I can.
I’m ashamed of the things I’ve been put through,
I’m ashamed of the person I am.

Listen here…