The Big NME Interview With BJÖRK Who Has Her New Album ‘FOSSORA’ Out

1 October 2022

Iceland’s heroine BJÖRK released her new,
10th album, named FOSSORA yesterday.

British legendary music magazine NME (New Musical Express) had a weekly
issue until about 6 years ago, and still continues to be a very informative source
for music (and more stuff, like movies, games, books) talked to Björk about her
new record and lots of other things.


“It’s very much a ‘sit by the fireplace and have a drink
with friends in your living room’ sort of album.”

“I had a really complicated relationship with the US:
the mass murders, the racial violence, Trump.”

“Gen Z-ers are really radical, and I’m relieved
that the environment is a priority for them.”

“I was always quite offended by the way Kate Bush was
written about like she was a crazy witch – or me being
a crazy elf.”

“I’ve written all my scores for 20 years, you know. I’m not bragging,
I’m just saying that because people still want me to be a naive elf.
If we were guys, we would be taken more seriously.”

Full interview HERE

Artwork new LP

Stream FOSSORA here.

BJÖRK: Facebook – Instagram

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