Five Firecrackers To Stay On Track… In The Weekend

17 July 2021

‘I’m Only Talking’ by MEWN (Manchester)

Frontman Daniel Bluer: “It is long but I think it does a lot with that time, it’s fully realised. Lyrically I just tried to mirror the emotion I felt from the sound, the way it felt to me. I think
I have tried to express loss, defiance and a melancholy that has some joy mixed in with it,
which personally feel like it always does.”

This is what epicness is all about. An experience that makes you feel out-of-your-daily-mind, an experience that makes you forget anything and everybody except for what’s going on in your headphones. Melodrama, heartache, despair, and tears. It’s all part of human nature, as we know it. Throwing in melancholic Interpol guitars and a Verve-esque sentimentally lifts this song to a cry-your-heart-out anthem. Ignore the machos.

Just listen and feel…

‘Big Appetite’ by LIARS (Australia)

Wayward as we know Liars for years now, meaning: wayward as we know them
for years now. From upcoming album The Apple Drop, their 10th, out 6 August.

Eat here…

‘I Am A Situation’ by AUTOGRAMM (Chicago)

This synth-Krautrock-like jam grooves and moves under your skin from the kick-off, without asking. Again, the hypnotic force of sonic repetition proves its trance-inducing effect. You want this situation to continue, on and on. From the band’s Rules album.

Press the repeat button…

‘Transparent Love’ by SUPER SPACE NATION (Los Angeles)

These Los Angeles power pop-punks are “on a mission to fight toxic masculinity in the rock scene.” Their new electrifying cracker is about “taking full accountability for one’s actions and communication in relationships.” Damn right. Be who you are, but respect others. That’s the only way to keep this troubled world going. And don’t forget to rock your ass off.

Right here, right now

‘Lover Baby’ by THE DILL (Canada)

Be ready for some funky monkey business. Get up, stand up and make your move while savoring the moment. Don’t worry be happy. Have yourself a careless I’ll-see-what-happens moment and have your head floating in the clouds. Listen up: “Sometimes we need to just
go for a walk and dance down the street for the hell of it – taking the piss out of life.”

Tune in and go apeshit…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

Manchester Team MEWN Impresses With Haunting Debut Single ‘I SEE IT NOW PT. 1’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

3 May 2021

(credit: Through The Eyes Of Ruby)

Band: MEWN (Manchester, UK)
Who: An alt group that ‘offers an antidote of sincerity against the indifference of
modern culture, set apart from their contemporaries by their emotional resonance
and a more heartfelt approach to their social and political critique.

Pick: I CAN SEE IT NOW PT. 1 – first single from their debut LP

About: “I think it’s the most straight forward, guitar driven song on the record and
also the heaviest. Lyrically it feels like a collage of thoughts brought about in times
of unease, frustration and anxiety. Catharsis and release are never far from these
feelings though and that’s definitely in there too. I think to bring seemingly opposing
sounds and feelings together is something we are interested in; the interplay of
darkness and light, joy and sadness and so on”
says frontman Daneil Bluer .

Score: Wow! Talking about an impressive debut. Just like that this Manchester band enters the scene with a haunting tour de force. Strip this spine-chilling stunner to the bone except for that vibraphone loop and you feel yourself in the middle of a psych-o-tic thriller movie (check the main theme of 1978 horror film Halloween). I know, scary.

Now back to the full orchestration that accentuates the mind-confusing experience even more as the tension grows in intensity towards the blood-curdling finale. The vocals keep everything in balance but the prominent sentiments are pretty threatening. Sounds like 2021. Fascinating debut! Wow!

Here’s why

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