Manchester Team MEWN Impresses With Haunting Debut Single ‘I SEE IT NOW PT. 1’

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3 May 2021

(credit: Through The Eyes Of Ruby)

Band: MEWN (Manchester, UK)
Who: An alt group that ‘offers an antidote of sincerity against the indifference of
modern culture, set apart from their contemporaries by their emotional resonance
and a more heartfelt approach to their social and political critique.

Pick: I CAN SEE IT NOW PT. 1 – first single from their debut LP

About: “I think it’s the most straight forward, guitar driven song on the record and
also the heaviest. Lyrically it feels like a collage of thoughts brought about in times
of unease, frustration and anxiety. Catharsis and release are never far from these
feelings though and that’s definitely in there too. I think to bring seemingly opposing
sounds and feelings together is something we are interested in; the interplay of
darkness and light, joy and sadness and so on”
says frontman Daneil Bluer .

Score: Wow! Talking about an impressive debut. Just like that this Manchester band enters the scene with a haunting tour de force. Strip this spine-chilling stunner to the bone except for that vibraphone loop and you feel yourself in the middle of a psych-o-tic thriller movie (check the main theme of 1978 horror film Halloween). I know, scary.

Now back to the full orchestration that accentuates the mind-confusing experience even more as the tension grows in intensity towards the blood-curdling finale. The vocals keep everything in balance but the prominent sentiments are pretty threatening. Sounds like 2021. Fascinating debut! Wow!

Here’s why

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