BLACK INK STAIN Bulldoze Their Way To Your Dark Side With New LP ‘INCIDENTS’

3 May 2021

Who: Noise force from
Clermont Ferrand, France

Released: 30 April 2021 – Recorded, mixed and mastered
by David Weber at Studio des Forces Motrices (Drive Blind,
Tantrum, Condense, Portobello Bones

Score: Don’t play this thunderous noise-powerhouse on your car stereo ’cause
incidents will happen as Black Ink Stain‘s brain-breaking havoc infiltrates the dark
side of your mind causing 35 minutes of paranoia. All hell breaks loose from the
scorching post-punk opener Slice Of Pain. And the moment you’re halfway the LP
with the obstreperous sledgehammer STO2 you have no idea anymore whether
it’s day or night as the clamorous in-your-face-and-ears vocals prevent you from
thinking clearly. When the demonic closer S.O.M.A. fades out this maniacal trio
has bulldozed you KO. As I said, don’t play this mental disturbance in your car.

Alert your neighbors
before you press play…


Incidents CD/LP/Digital available via Pogo Records and Day Off Records

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