Hello SHAME – Make Some Room For Manchester Band DEAFDEAFDEAF

3 May 2021


Who: A Manchester four-piece formed in 2019, creating songs that are packed with venom, hatred and anger. They want you to be mad at the general state of things. Their music is fierce and intense, but also reflective of the modern musings of the working-class.

New single: ODES – brand new single
“‘Odes’ is an accumulation of all the ideas and sounds
we’ve worked on previously brought into what we think
is our best song yet, “
says frontman Nathan Hill.

Score: After two stormy rippers Nothingness and Bodies
these up and coming Mancs confirm with new piece Odes
they here to claim, rightly so, their space in indie rock land.
It’s a different kind of charged vibe. A slow-paced meditation
driven by Hill‘s poignant vox and puzzling guitar waves.

London’s sharp-knifed engine shame should take
DEAFDEAFDEAF along on tour. They share the same
outspoken edginess and sonic resonance, on record
and live (see below).

Stream/buy Odes here…

Check DeafDeafDeaf‘s live presence & power right here. Pretty stunning!…


(band photo via Disobedient Records)

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