Winter Of Discontent – Post Punks DEAFDEAFDEAF Rage About ‘NOTHINGNESS’

26 January 2021

Who: A Manchester four-piece formed in 2019, creating songs that are packed with venom, hatred and anger. They want you to be mad at the general state of things. Their music is fierce and intense, but also reflective of the modern musings of the working-class.

Single: NOTHINGNESS – 2nd single, re-released
as they just signed to indie label Disobedient Records

“A nihilistic anthem for a doomed generation.”

Score: I just love it when young wolves form a band and start to ventilate their confused thoughts and scream out loud about their generation with red-hot-blooded alarm calls
like this one. The unbridled energy, the chaotic state of mind, and the listen-to-me clamor of DeafDeafDeaf echo the early days of angry young men such as Joy Division, The Fall and Wire. It must be terrible to be young today with all the political unrest in the world and most of all the drastically freedom-limiting consequences of the horrible pandemic. Let’s hope this is their last winter of discontent but not their last blast.



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