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Happy 79 to rolling stone in command MICK JAGGER.
He was born Michael Philip Jagger on 26 July 1943
in Dartford, England.

Last year Jagger wrote and shared this heavy hittin’ post-lockdown haymaker titled
EAZY SLEAZY and invited foo fighter Dave Grohl to help him bang up the racket.

Perfect to start the birthday party out loud.



Who The Fuck Is MICK JAGGER? A Man Who Was Knighted SIR 20 Years Ago Today

14 June 2022

Back in 1975 Keef Richards was so fed up with ballerina Mick Jagger that he got
him a t-shirt made with the question Who The Fuck Is Mick Jagger printed on it.

It became a hot selling item for clothing manufacturer back then, but also when
was knighted SIR 20 years ago today in Queen’s Birthday Honours. The Queen
wasn’t present. Story goes that she didn’t like the fact that a rolling stone became a Sir.

C’mon Elizabeth it’s only rock and roll,
but we know you don’t like it…

It’s all over by now. Touring again this year…

Happy 78 To The Number One Prima Don-na Of Rock ‘N’ Roll

26 July 2021

Sir Michael Philip Jagger was born on
26 July 1943 in Dartford, Kent, England.

Happy 78

to one of the living glimmer twin legends
to the driving force and iconic frontman and
moneymaker of his pretty famous Stones band.

No need to say more, I’ll let him do what he did/does
best, being the number one prima don-na of rock ‘n’ roll…




He was looking for satisfaction, Mrs. Jagger…

MICK JAGGER & DAVE GROHL Get Satisfaction With Covid-19 Inspired Corker ‘EAZY SLEAZY’

14 April 2021

Two living mega rock legends, from different generations,
sir MICK JAGGER and DAVE GROHL teamed up to rock
like fired-up teenagers who’re looking for satisfaction

Jagger about their Covid-19 inspired corker EAZY SLEAZY. “I’m sure
an atmosphere of isolation or semi-isolation has changed what’s being
created in this period. I’m sure it subtly affected a lot of people’s subject
material and the way they write music.”

Start them up, folks…