MILK TV – Brussels Trio Drop First High-Powered Belter ‘RUN TO BUY VACUUM’ From Upcoming, Second Album

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18 September 2023

Who: Productive post punk trio from Brussels in 2017, they have drunk from many
sources, quenching an enormous thirst for inspiration to create a singular universe, imbued with nostalgia and cynicism towards Anglo-Saxon pop culture. That of cheap
TV programs, giant milk bottle ads, but above all of the underground, from New York
no-wave to the Californian noise scene.

Albums: The 2020 debut Good Food For Mean Kids and
the 2nd one, titled NEO-GEO will hit the streets on 13 October
via Exag’ Records.

First single: RUN TO BUY VACUUM
Album artwork by Mathias Flasse

Expect a fast-forward punk rock belter. All burners on, all cylinders on.

No brakes, no breaks, no mistakes. The bouncy guitar riff is vintage Devo.
The Brussels trio go forth and back, left and right, up and down. High-powered
electricity with paranoid 6-strings, a drum/bass tandem you can break walls
with and biting vocals. Sounds cool, right? You betcha.





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File Under Intriguing Debut Albums – ‘GOOD FOOD FOR MEAN KIDS’ By MILK TV

16 December 2020

Who: A punk/pop/no-wave trio formed in Brussels at the end of 2017.
The power trio feeds off nostalgia for playgrounds, TV shows and a healthy
dose of post-Reagan cynicism to deliver unpredictable and quirky rock tracks.

Album: GOOD FOOD FOR KIDS – debut LP

Key references: Devo, Pavement, Mothers Of Invention, black midi, Can

Turn Up The Volume: Milk TV writes erratic guitar pop tunes. First, they build them
up, then they break them down, then they build them up again and give them a puzzling
twist. End result? A head-spinning mix of far-out drones, robotic rhythms, manic eruptions, wayward zigzags, mental grooves, and funky trips. Listen and discover an up-and-coming band with a varied alternative record collection and on an adventurous mission to feed us with mean kids stuff. File the record under ‘intriguing debut albums’.

your food here…

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Milking the donkey…

(photo via Exag Records)

Here’s Funk & Groove Trio MILK TV And Their New Mental Single ‘ONE LEG PERFORMER’

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25 June 2020

Brussels punk/pop/no wave trio MILK TV is the colorful universe where singer/bass
player Matthieu Peyraud (also know from Phoenician Drive, Triviale Beauté, Schyzoglass) gets rid of his nasty demons. The power three-piece feeds on playground nostalgia, cheep TV programs and a good dose of post-Reagan cynicism to bring some jerky and raucous pieces of rock music Their debut album Good Men For Mean Kids hit the streets
on 2nd October.

Ahead of it comes first single ONE LEG PERFORMER. The song is an “Ode to the cash
cow and to adolescence, this song stands as a musical treaty on friendship and derision
as a bulwark against the absurdities of our world.”

Expect a mental funk and groove haymaker kicking your lazy ass from the get-go.
It’s a one-leg-dance invitation for your friends and a firm middle finger to this
fucked-up world. A Gang Of Four influenced riff ripper for Devo fans, a bass injected
crackhammer for post-punk addicts. Get up, stand up, and fight for your right to go bonkers on one leg right here, right now…

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