ROGER WATERS Releases His Reinvented 50-Year Old PINK FLOYD Classic ‘THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON’ In October

3 September 2023

Album artwork

Last March THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, one of the best-sold,
most famous, and praised masterpiece albums ever turned 50.

Bassist ROGER WATERS co-founded PINK FLOYD back in 1967,
then led for a short time by the late troubled musical genius Syd
(replaced by Dave Gilmour). They released 15 studio LPs.

In 1984 due to the clashing personalities, mostly Waters vs Gilmour, Waters left the band thinking that Pink Floyd was finished anyway. They never worked ever again and saying they were no friends whatsoever is an understatement.

Waters a few years ago about the fights within the band

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason already heard the new album.

For the occasion of the 50th birthday, Waters re-imagined-worked-invented all songs
of the classic. The new version, named The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux, will be released on Earth on October 6.

Pre-order info here.

Here below, Waters explains why he did this special project

So far Waters‘ shared two tasters, Money and Time. I’m not a great fan of the man, but he’s a bloody brilliant musician with an ingenious artistic vision, as we know it. And here’s why.


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