Indie Rockers MUSH Released Highly Turbulent Debut Album – Discover Here ‘3D ROUTINE’ Track by Track…

19 February 2020

With their highly turbulent debut album called 3D ROUTINE Leeds furiously outspoken and electrical misfits MUSH show loud and clear that alternative guitar rock is vividly alive and angrily kicking. One moment they rage manically like dissonant legends Devo, then again they freak out like New York City‘s new wave innovators Television on speed, with clamourous frontman Dan Hyndman reminding me of infamous blank generation punk Richard Hell‘s fiery vox.

And their agitated, enraged and frenzied impetuosity fits their razor-sharp and biting political views perfectly well. In these troubled times we need engaged young wolves
like these hungry bohemians raising their worried voice supported by the necessary decibels to shake things up. Time to know more about this intensified and iron-cast
debut longplayer. Therefore, we invited the band to guide us through 3D ROUTINE,
track by track.

Welcome MUSH!

The songs

The track by track breakdown

1. Revising My Fee
“Felt right to have this one as the opener. It’s on the rawer/faster side of things, nice to chuck a couple of energetic ones in off the bat for a debut. It’s a bit politically minded but not as well considered as some others, more of a tangential moan about conditions. It’s packed with riffs and has a nice wig out at the end, it’s fairly representative.”

2. Eat the Etiquette
“I thought this one was the big hit, it’s pretty concise and has that repetition thing. To me, it sounds like pop music but actually ‘Revising’ took off a lot more. Thematically it’s a bit of an attack on the ‘common sense’ and maybe the centre ground. Apparently, it sounds like fast Devo, which I can live with.”

3. Existential Dread
“For about ten seconds this is the closest we ever got to sounding like the 60’s, then it goes all grunge and 90’s. Lyrically does what it says on the tin.”

4. Coronation Chicken
“Important point of the record for me. This is when is throws a curve ball and starts to go a little off the rails. Gets a bit groovier and different sounds introduced. It’s a bizarre track musically, very busy, backwards guitars snuck in at points. Song is about public scrutiny and toffs.”

5. Island Mentality
“Can’t be bothered to talk about the content of this track anymore and it doesn’t take much unpacking. Musically it was fun as we chucked a synth and a saxophone on.”

6. Fruits of The Happening
“Song’s about friends, addiction, inevitability of things. Nice change of pace on this one, some nice violins too.”

7. Hey Gammonhead

“Probably the most slacked out track on the record. Lyrics very silly and tongue in cheek. Found the term Gammon to be very amusing and articulate lot of things in a single word. Inevitable I would write a song about it.”

8. 3D Routine:
“Can’t articulate exactly what this means but it makes sense to me. More on the abstract side, kind of about the obscurity of day to day routine. Musically the most ambitious on the record all sorts of stuff going on.”

9. Gig Economy
“Recorded a new version which felt the right thing to do. Hopefully people like it as much. It has a new guitar solo and added tambourine courtesy of Phil. It’s about austerity and job security.”

10. Poverty Pornography
“Straight down the line punk tune. About representation and exploitation of the so called ‘underclass’ in the media.”

11. No Signal in the Paddock
“This song is about existing in an echo chamber. We lost our shit in the studio on this one and started doing some random Beck type keyboard sounds all over it. Time will tell if we regret it, even some auto tune antics.”

12. Alternative Facts
“The song that made us ha! Marc Riley played this on 6music when about five people had heard of us. Only felt right to stick it on the record. Had to go last due to the length. Songs a fairly known entity at this point but it’s a new version so hopefully people enjoy.”

Thank you guys for guiding us through 3D ROUTINE.
Mat the road rise with MUSH!

Album also on Spotify

You can listen and/or buy the album right here.

You want to know how they sound on stage? Check this razzle-dazzle footage…

MUSH: Facebook / band photo on top by Broth Tarn

Leeds Guitar Turbine MUSH Drops Hyperkinetic Single From Upcoming Debut LP – Listen here to ‘EAT THE ETIQUETTE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 November 2019

After last May’s excellent debut EP Induction Party Leeds frenzied guitar turbine MUSH returns with the lead-single from their upcoming debut LP. On ‘EAT THE ETIQUETTE’, after a misleading what will happen next intro all of a sudden this new neurotic stunner grabs you irresistibly by the throat when the band unleashes its hyperkinetic guitar excitability and throws some jittery vocals on top of it to make you go completely gaga. Nerve-racking stuff! Bingo!

Catch the buzzing action here…

MUSH: Facebook

All info and pre-order facilities here

Leeds Foursome MUSH Activates Your Nerves With New Cling-Clang Single ‘LITVINENKO’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Band: MUSH

Who: A four-piece out of Leeds now cemented as more of a songwriting entity than the ‘noise project’ they would describe their early incarnation. They specialise in wryly-observational, exquisite lo-fi guitar pop.

Track: LITVINENKO – first single from their upcoming 6-track debut EP ‘Induction Party

Score: The manic guitar staccato agitation and repetitive multiple-voiced chant-like backing vocals will activate your nerves uncontrollably from the first chord on and
when this cling-clang belter explodes two times for a brief instance your body will experience electrical waves. This exciting foursome sounds like if New York legends Televison and today’s Parquet Courts had a jingle jangle session together, recorded
it and played it fast forward afterward. Check the hyperkinetic beat right here…

MUSH: Facebook

INDUCTION PARTY – Debut EP out 31 May – All info here

On-Repeat-In-January-2018… FOURTEEN KNOCKOUTS!

Striking vibrations that good we play it on

A versatile mix of electric eruptions and firework strokes
that energized all my senses and limbs this past month!
TURN UP THE VOLUME! Here’s plenty of sonic dope…

1/ ‘Fol De Rol’ by THE FALL (Manchester, UK)
From the troubled genius’ final 2017 album – rest in peace…
Album: New Facts Emerge

2/ ‘Black Habit’ by MIEN (US, UK, Canada)
Supergroup hits it big psych time with debut single…
Debut album: out 8 April – info here

3/ ‘Love’ by ANTEROS (London, UK)
Striking pop pearl, as catchy as flaming hell…

5/ ‘Current Affair’ by SEXTILE feat SIENNA (Los Angeles)
Hyperkinetic electro whirlwind to go totally apeshit to…
Album: Albeit Living

6/ ‘The Gift’ by THE LIMIÑANAS feat. PETER HOOK (France/UK)
Sensual psychedelia with a sultry touch and legend Peter Hook on bass…
New album: Shadow People – just out now

7/ ‘Jukebox Babe’ by MOON DUO (Portland, US)
Portland’s mind-expanding pair covers Alan Vega in swinging style…

8/ ‘The Great Chain Of Being’ by KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD
Another heavy eruption by the Aussie psych junkies…
Album: Gumboot Soup

8/ ‘Bubbilicious’ by TOKYO TABOO (London, UK)
Pschodelic glam punk, hot as an exploding volcano…
Album: 6TH Street Psychosis / Interview with TUTV!

9/ ‘Skin Spilling’ by BONNE APARTE (The Netherlands)
Weird and eccentric paranoia post punks…
Album: Scalps  – out 2 February – info here 

10/ ‘Ballad’ by NO FRIENDZ (London, UK)
Funky scream along indie kick for all useless people on this planet…
Album: split LP with Chupa Cabra – all info here

11/ ‘Luxury Animals’ by MUSH (Leeds, UK)
Jingle jangle noiseniks fronted by Lou Reed‘s ghost…

12/ ‘Black Smoke’ by BLACK FUN SURGERY (London, UK)
Glimmering disco ball electronics with a spell-binding edge…
New album: PATCHES – to be released soon

13/ ‘Serpent Speak’ by AURAL AIR (Dublin, Ireland)
Poetic guitar euphony and Laura Rai‘s remarkable voice…
EP: The Torpor OF Minds

14/ ‘I Didn’t Belong’ by HIGHLAND KITES (California, US)
Tremendous voice to solace your troubled heart and hurt soul in times of love sickness…
Debut EP: to be released this year

See/hear you next month, music junkies

MUSH – Leeds Turbine Launches Electrical Firework With ‘LUXURY ANIMALS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Band: MUSH

Base: Leeds, UK

Who: magnetic unit producing guitar-heavy alternative, experimental rock tunes inspired by supreme squads such as: Sonic Youth, Pavement, The Fall, Pixies, Can and Beefheart


Score: Imagine jingle jangle noiseniks Parquet Courts with Lou Reed‘s ghost as guest singer, while producing some mind-boggling guitar electricity together, growing nastier along their electrical path towards a mighty firework finale! Experience the kick-ass trip here…

MUSH: Facebook – Twitter