Leeds Foursome MUSH Activates Your Nerves With New Cling-Clang Single ‘LITVINENKO’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

5 April 2019

Band: MUSH

Who: A four-piece out of Leeds now cemented as more of a songwriting entity than the ‘noise project’ they would describe their early incarnation. They specialise in wryly-observational, exquisite lo-fi guitar pop.

Track: LITVINENKO – first single from their upcoming 6-track debut EP ‘Induction Party

Score: The manic guitar staccato agitation and repetitive multiple-voiced chant-like backing vocals will activate your nerves uncontrollably from the first chord on and
when this cling-clang belter explodes two times for a brief instance your body will experience electrical waves. This exciting foursome sounds like if New York legends Televison and today’s Parquet Courts had a jingle jangle session together, recorded
it and played it fast forward afterward. Check the hyperkinetic beat right here…

MUSH: Facebook

INDUCTION PARTY – Debut EP out 31 May – All info here

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