British Iconic Music Mag NME Interviewed Comeback Rockers KASABIAN’s Mastermind

23 Augustus 2022

(photo credit NME)

Two years ago Leicester’s rock heroes KASABIAN fired their flamboyant frontman Tom Meighan after he got convicted for assaulting his girlfriend (afterward, they got married).

The band’s songwriter Serge Pizzorno, who occasionally
sang Kasabian songs in the past, is the new vocalist, on the
brand new LP, baptized THE ALCHEMIST’S EUPHORIA.

(Serge Pizzorno – photo by Turn Up The Volume)

NME and Serge Pizzorno sat down for an
extensive interview about the past and the future of the band.

“The aftermath of Tom’s departure was like trying to pick up the pieces of your life”

“Our earlier years were beautiful and always will be, but that was then and this is now”

“The band wanted to carry on. What else were we gonna do?”

“Liam Gallagher’s always been beautiful to us. There’s nothing but support and love.”

“There’s some beautiful things on the way. The album feels great and we’re really happy”


Stream the new album on Spotify

KASABIAN: Facebook – Instagram


23 April 2022

British music web-magazine-site NME caught up with young Irish stars
FONTAINES D.C. who released their 3rd LP SKINTY FIA, a bold piece of
work, lyracilly and musically (it grows on you with every spin) for a big

It’s clear for NME. The Dubliners are the best band in the world.

Some quotes from the Q & A

“It’s difficult to stay in touch with Irish culture while you’re not there.
You grapple with guilt”

“People are looking to me for answers. What the fuck do I know?”

“Slowthai has an incendiary quality. His charisma reminds me of Mick Jagger”

“There are some bands who are trying to go head-to-head with world-renowned philosophers. They’re stepping up to a plate that isn’t for them. Just because you’ve written a couple of good albums, doesn’t mean you can skip a whole PhD. That, to me, is completely delusional, and I have no interest in doing that.”

Full interview right here.

The new album on Spotify

FONTAINES D.C.: Facebook

Turn Up The Volume and the frontman of the best band in
the world before they became the best band in the world (2019)


10 February 2022

Los Angeles’ funk-punk champions RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS
have a new album out, their 12th, on April 1. Unlimited Love
is their first full-length since 2016 LP The Getaway. Along with
the news came the first single Black Summer (listen below).

They started their promo campaign with an exclusive interview
with music website/former famed magazine (since 1952) NME.

A few quotes from frontman Anthony Kiedis.

About gutarist John Frusciante

“The biggest event was John Frusciante returning to the band.
That was the most monumental change in our lives”

About turning 60

“60 don’t mean shit to me. I don’t put a lot of value or weight
in birthdays, milestones, round numbers, odd numbers or
even numbers.”

About the upcoming tour

We have to get really good at playing these songs live and then
it depends on the emotional health of the band. Tour is one of
the great survival tests and we’ll see what happens. I’m always
optimistic, and I see no reason to ever stop doing what we’re

FULL interview right HERE

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS: All Albums – Facebook


‘WE ARE CHAOS’ – New album MARILYN MANSON out 9/11

NME verdict: “The God Of Fuck’s most diverse and human work to date. What a bloody year, eh? Disease is everywhere. There’s uprising in the streets. Millions will soon be trapped indoors once again. Satan’s tiny-handed orange spawn is still in power in the US. The very fabric of society is being questioned and there’s a younger generation who want to rip it up and start again. This record is the closest we’ve come to finding out – taking on us on a full journey to find out what lay beneath the make-up and the costumes. You want a freakshow? Turn on the news. While chaos and confusion may surround us, Manson’s response this time is a dose of respite, mercy, clarity and his most human work so far.”

Full review here. Score: 5/5.

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