BEST ALBUMS 2022 According To NME

End-of-2022 lists are popping up on music websites and in magazines everywhere.

NME (New Musical Express) is, unquestionably, one of the best music media ever. Their legendary weekly mag was THE bible for many artists/music fans (like me). Unfortunately, slowly but surely the Internet made circulation go drastically down. The last print issue appeared in March 2018.

Their website was launched in 1996 and became
one of the most renowned over the years.

Now back to 2022.

These are the 5 BEST ALBUMS according to NME.
(Full list link below.)

1. ‘The Car’ by ARCTIC MONKEYS (Sheffield UK)

NME:The band’s spectacular seventh album summarises their story so far:
sharp songwriting, relentless innovation and unbreakable teamwork.”

TUTV: NME is a devoted AM fan from day one. That’s the only reason I can think
of why the staff named this LP the best, while in my book it’s the most boring one of the past 12 months  If I want to listen to masterly crooners I’ll pick Nick cave, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Father John Misty and ,yes, Frank Sinatra but definitely not Alex Turner and his. But hey this is not my list. It’s NME’s choice. Have fun with the Monkees.

SINGLE: Body Paint

ALBUM: Stream THE CAR here via SPOTIFY

2. ‘Wet leg’ by WET LEG (Brighton, UK)

NME: “Their debut album feels like a giddy race around a funfair, those pesky
lows batted away with wit and wisecracks like a game of verbal whack-a-mole.”

TUTV: Guitar pop at its catchy, sprightly and funny best.

SINGLE: Chaise Lounge

ALBUM: Stream WET LEFG album here via SPOTIFY

3. ‘Renaissance’ by BEYONCE (NYC, US)

NME: “On ‘Renaissance’, Beyoncé has added another remarkable record
to her repertoire: this time one to continue leading the charge to bring Black
culture back to the forefront of house music and dance scenes.”

TUTV: Well, eh, to be honest, I only heard the magical single (below)
but not the longplayer. I’m just not an avid R é B fan.

SINGLE Break My Soul


4. ‘Skinty Fia’ by FONTAINES D.C. (Dublin, Ireland)

NME: “The fight for a better Ireland deserves songs that mirror the depth of
the crisis, and in its endlessly captivating glory, ‘Skinty Fia’ rises triumphantly
to the task.”

TUTV: Rad record. Rad band, on and off stage.



5. ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’ by KENDRICK LAMAR (USA)

NME: “In laying his soul bare, Lamar hopes we realise how
we too can set ourselves free from generational curses.”

TUTY: See Beyoncé.

SINGLE: The Heart Part 5

ALBUM: Stream MR. MORALE & THE BIG STEPPERS here via Spotify


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