Waking Up With Minneapolis Rockers DIAMOND LAKE And Their Psych Jam ‘FAZING’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

12 June 2023

Who: A trio that got together in 2012 in Brooklyn and relocated to Minneapolis in 2014. They create cinematic music, powered by songs based on the collective unease in the modern world and the part technology plays in it. That’s what you get when you take a visual artist, a filmmaker, and a software guru and make a rock band.

New single: FAZING
A standout track from their
new album Noir.

TUTV: It’s a bone-chilling psych-rock jam propelled by a haunting bass riff, bringing
the one that drives Radiohead‘s The National Anthem track from their Kid A album, to
mind. While the main hook (01:15) struts a dark alt-rock vigor in the vein of A Perfect Circle.

I guess this info will be enough to make you push the press play button below.


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