9 October / 11 October 2020

Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

1. ‘Shot In The Dark’ by AC/DC (Australia)
Get your worn schoolboy outfit out of your parents’ closet, let your hair hang down and shake your head up and down as if you want to shake off your heavy hangover. Yes, the grandfathers of senseless fun rock are back and hit like they did since 1973. Riff riff riff!

2. ‘Rise Up’ by LEFT ON THE DIAL (Toronto, Canada)
Ever heard legendary Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd team up with the equally heroic Los Angeles gang Canned Heat for a sweaty blues jackhammer? Me neither, until know that is. This Toronto group knows all about America’s classic rock history and they bring it here to life with thunder and lighting bravado, rolling riffs and a ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ feel.

3. ‘Under The Gun’ by VIOLENT VICKIE (Long Beach, California)
Glamorous doom and gloom disco to play at illegal graveyard parties. Bouncy, peppy and darksome. Vickie looks awesome and sounds awesome, but breath down her neck on your own risk. You have been warned, drooling zombies. Listen to new LP DIVISION instead.

“Under the gun / You live your life / No more fun.”

4. ‘Stupid Boys’ by BLEACHED (Los Angeles)
Los Angeles’ punchy duo return with a zippy riot pop grrrl chant you can clap along while pirouetting yourself dizzy. What they thought was a fun song turned out to be quite dark when she reexamined it in the wake of the Burger Records sexual misconduct scandal.

“Stupid boys with broken hearts/ Love to watch you fall apart.”

5. ‘Before Du Gehst’ by NORTHPOLYPTICA (Germany)
Great music doesn’t have boundaries. This German band is living proof of that, sounding like a power-pop version of theatrical dance-metal rockers Rammstein. As electrical, as symphonic, and as flamboyant as their Big Brothers but without the special effects and
the horrific macho bombast. Check their new excellent album Seelenfrieden here.