Dynamic Danish Rockers REBECCA LOU Cuts Like A Knife On New Hefty Single ‘NOT 4 U’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

28 February 2019

(photo: Creativator)

After last year’s rowdy¬†debut EP ‘Skeletons¬†‘ featuring Under The Moon, one of Turn
Up The Volume’s
knockout crackers of 2018 Danish rocker REBBECA LOU and her band return with the first single of their upcoming longplayer. NOT 4 U is a vehement banger propelled by a merciless drum/bass thunder and infused with nasty guitars going mad around the 2-minute mark. On top of all the stormy havoc comes Lou‘s threatening
voice, cutting like a knife and going fast forward towards a smashing finale. Big bang!
Explode right here…