PICK OF THE DAY – Superb Danish Vox REBECCA LOU Scores With Monumental New Single ‘UNDER THE MOON’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 April 2018



Who: “Despite having only started writing music in 2015, Rebecca Lou offers a refreshing, in your face, dose of self-confidence that is needed now more than ever. Joining forces with Paw Skovbye (bass), Joachim Holmgaard (guitars) and August Ottsen (drums), she has quickly built a formidable reputation across Denmark for her frenzied live shows, and has supported Danish rockers ‘Velvet Volume’ on their tour last year.”


Score: Wow! This is truly one of the most overwhelming voices I heard in recent times. Vigorous, dynamic and highly brisk. Assisted by a high-voltage band pumping up the decibels, Rebecca Lou pushes this massive pop banger up their into the sky. ‘Under The Moon’ is a dazzling firecracker that will make your sonic adrenalin stream uncontrollably. Double wow! Trust me, you’ll have this glowing on repeat all day long. Press the button right here, turn it op and feel the burning power…


UNDER THE MOON out via We Are Suburban

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