OTTO VON RUGGINGS And KONGRESS Want Criminal Put-In His Place With New Sledgehammer ‘NuSense’

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13 April 2022


Who: The musical project of 60s survivor Otto von Ruggins.
An experimental, New York based, act being around for light-years,
mixing Space-Goth-Tribal-New-Wave rock and other me(n)tal bangs.
Think legendary eccentrics Devo fooling around with avant-garde
freaks The Residents.

von Ruggins also is: “I teach the History of Rock and Roll using Little Steven (Van Zandt’s) curriculum @ at a local high school five minutes from my home. I’m one of eleven pilot teachers he chose in the entire country and I feel very blessed to get paid to play the music I grew up with. I remember Little Steven at The Electric Prunes concert in Williamsburg back in 2001 stating to vocalist James Lowe’s son that he had to carry the torch as the ‘60s was the greatest decade – he described it as the Renaissance Period. I have to agree – it was the only time in the history of rock and roll when the music changed the culture – getting a President (Johnson) not to run because of war protests and helping through marches and music to get civil rights legislation passed.”

Inspired by the horror war in Ukraine
Kongress has a new merciless sledgehammer
out called NuSense.

The message is loud and clear… FUCK PUTIN!

You’re such a nuisance
One man shouldn’t have such power
To eliminate the Protest Dance
But you grow weaker by the hour
You should be squashed like a bug
You’re such a thug
You need a mug shot
And a place to burn where it’s hot
When the good is gone
The bad carry on
You need to be Put in your place

к черту путина

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