TURN UP THE VOLUME’s JUKEBOX 2023 – 10 New Tracks Added Every Week

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In order to not miss a beat Turn Up The Volume scans the musical
horizon daily (doing it for years now, actually) to stay in touch with
all new things sonically great and shares the results on a weekly

Check the 10 new rad cuts just
added to this rad 2023 playlist.


1. ‘Weather Warning’ by LEISURE FM (Poland-born / London-based)

Leisure FM are twins Milena & Weronika, born in Poland, who lived in Wales as
children and now calling South East London home. Driven by late-night contemplation
and experimental spirit, they started producing music in their bedrooms a few years
back to combat lockdown blues, alongside DJing regularly.

They just released one of the most notable debut EPs of 2023. Stream fables here.

Weather Warning is the opener and sets the tone for Leisure FM’s sensual and enigmatic sound. It’s a trippy vibe that circles around a bewitching beat and subtle guitar sparks. Midway, a surprising, 15-second classical strings/flute fragment comes on before that mesmeric beat returns. Magnetic piece.

Listen up.


2. ‘Fear Of Living’ by THE LEMONHEADS (US)

After almost 4 decades of wayward pop tunes with his band, THE LEMONHEADS and
some solo records EVAN DANDO (born in Massachusetts, now aged 56) is still around.

He co-wrote Fear Of Living last year, with the late
frontman Dan Lardner of NYC’s indie band QTY.

It’s a jangly jingle with Dando‘s
voice resonating quite low.

Check in.


3. ‘Lunar Eclipse’ by THE VACCINES (London)

(Photo by Turn Up the Volume – Lokerse Feesten, Belgium – 2022)

British guitar pop idols THE VACCINES have their new, sixth full-length,
baptized Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations out on 12 January 2024.

Lunar Eclipse is the 3rd shared single.

Another ridiculously catchy tune from these catchy tunesmiths.

Feel the heat.


4. ‘The Background’ by OK PANDA (Belgium)

The Background is the Belgian band’s 3rd single of the year. It highlights the challenges
of mental health and feelings of being lost in modern life. The single explores the inner struggle of a person who feels lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, through metaphors related to the film world, and who desperately tries to find his/her place in
a world that moves too fast.

Sonically bouncy guitars and the harmonies colored chorus create, despite the delicate content, a brisk and jaunty flow that seems to suggest that there’s still a light shining at
the end of the tunnel.



5. ‘Like That’ by THE RODA LITS (Belgium)

It’s been 5 years since this Belgian garage guitar indies released
their debut album Common Specimen/Indoor Mold.

But they’re back now, and they didn’t lose their electrical mojo nor their stompin’ swagger. Cracking drums, afire guitars and tense vocals are what you get. Don’t miss their return.



6. ‘Loverman’ by LOCAL BLOOD (Lithuania)

Local Blood is a dystopian post-punk band from Vilnius, Lithuania. They just released their 2nd, intriguing, eight-song album named Loverman revealing a multi-layered, even more mature, more complex sound. Thematically it reflects experiences of a man in the 90s, in the troubled Lithuania of that time. Stream/buy  here.

The ominous guitar-riff/drum driven title track has both an impassionate and mysterious sonority mostly caused by the creepy vocals and grows in intensity along its eerie way.



7. ‘The Great Upheaval’ by “THE ALTER KRAKERS (Canada)

This loose, careening, ’70s rock ‘n’ roll inspired trio wrote this track, inspired by
The Great Upheaval Art Exhibitt at the AGO in Toronto, the song is told from the perspective of Russian/French painter Marc Chagal in the first verse “I made my
name as a painter; I helped create a new style, and we changed the landscape for a
and then Picasso in the second verse: “I’ll put your ass on a canvas, cut you
into cubes; they’ll know your name but never recognize you.”

Expect Mona Lisa to be part of a riff-roaring rock ripper.



8. ‘The Hard Way’ by JIANTS (Toronto, Canada)

Blending a love of 90’s alt-rock with modern indie sensibilities, Jiants
is a Toronto-based group led by ex-pro skateboarder Jesse Landen.

They have a brand-new full-length out, named Tall Tales. Stream it here.

The uplifting title track is basically a classic ‘get your girl back’ song. It’s about realizing you have a special bond with someone and deciding whether to step forward with them or leave each other behind forever. It’s from the perspective of someone feeling uncertain but offering up their full commitment this time.

A frisky and captivating tune that your ears will embrace on the spot.

Here’s why.


9. ‘Good Lookin’ Liars’ by THE BLIPS (Birmingham, Alabama)

This seasoned Alabama rock team just released their
2nd lonplayer, baptized Again. Stream it here.

I don’t know if ‘Good Lookin’ Liars‘ is an autobiographical song, but what I do now is that it has enough jangly riffs and a banging chorus beat that’ll boost your state of mind instantly. I suppose you know where to find the repeat button.



10. ‘In The Middle’ by RAVEEN (Montreal)

In The Middle is the first song these Canadians have released in over three years.

Lyrically, the song is a warning not to get too close. Written as one voice speaking to another, the song documents the feeling of desiring closeness while nonetheless knowing that you are changing and evolving. This song tries to provide a snapshot of the emotions we feel in those moments when love and growth fight for dominance in our lives.

It’s an intimate, vulnerable, yet tender musing that brought
the touching voice of Perfume Genius to my mind.




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OK PANDA – Brussels-Based Dreamers Shine On New Sparkling Single/Video ‘ECHOES’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

21 September 2023

Who: Dream team founded in December 2020 in Brussels. Pop music with
British influences, mixing alternative rock and 80’s electronic sounds with catchy
vocal melodies that contrast with the melancholic themes addressed in the lyrics.

New single/video: ECHOES

“‘Echoes‘ is an ode to freedom, a call to escape from the routine and into
new ones to explore horizons. With introspective lyrics and a catchy melody,
it invites you song invites the listener to be carried away by the music
and dream away.

This invitation is also reflected in the video clip, which however shows other
levels of lectures makes interpretations possible. This is directed by Timo
Duhamel and Santiago Otálora, a Belgian-Colombian director duo.”

TUTV: Following last year’s excellent 5-track EP Perspectives the Brussels-based
dreamers score again with Echoes. It’s a charming pop pearl, colored with shiny
guitar sparks, entrancing vocals, a riveting chorus, and a fired-up finale. Think
the romantic six-tring resonance of The War On Drugs.

These pandas are not just OK, they’re TOP.



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Brussels’ Guitar Pop Act OK PANDA Share Trip-py Video For ‘GONE LOVE’ Track Off Their Debut EP

27 January 2023

Who: Quartet founded in December 2020 in Brussels. Pop music with British influences, mixing alternative rock and 80’s electronic sounds with catchy vocal melodies that contrast with the melancholic themes addressed in the lyrics.

Debut EP: Perspectives.
A sprightly 6-track one. Stream below.

Debut video: The EP’s infectious mixed emotions pop tune
GONE LOVE is the band’s first song visualized in a video.

I guess it’s a good idea if you’re in a moody, post-love state of mind, that you
make a trip around the world and leave the sad memories behind you, while
you hum-whistle-sing along to this bittersweet guitar symphony. If you can’t
afford it, play this video, watch OK Panda do it, and pretend you’re on the road
with them. Just do it.

Roll the tape.

Perspectives EP

OK PANDA: Facebook