Brussels’ Guitar Pop Act OK PANDA Share Trip-py Video For ‘GONE LOVE’ Track Off Their Debut EP

27 January 2023

Who: Quartet founded in December 2020 in Brussels. Pop music with British influences, mixing alternative rock and 80’s electronic sounds with catchy vocal melodies that contrast with the melancholic themes addressed in the lyrics.

Debut EP: Perspectives.
A sprightly 6-track one. Stream below.

Debut video: The EP’s infectious mixed emotions pop tune
GONE LOVE is the band’s first song visualized in a video.

I guess it’s a good idea if you’re in a moody, post-love state of mind, that you
make a trip around the world and leave the sad memories behind you, while
you hum-whistle-sing along to this bittersweet guitar symphony. If you can’t
afford it, play this video, watch OK Panda do it, and pretend you’re on the road
with them. Just do it.

Roll the tape.

Perspectives EP

OK PANDA: Facebook

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