New Jersey Rockers OLD CURRENTS Go Sky-High On Power Ballad ‘THE GLORY’

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22 March 2022

(Photo credit: Ryan Struck / Daily Grime Media)

Who: Hefty 4-piece from Glen Rock, NJ

New single: THE GLORY
The third single of their upcoming album The Glory, The Defeat.

Jake Novak (Lead singer) about this third cut: ““My mom didn’t have a great relationship with her first husband, and she always told me that she loves life so much now, that she’d go through the bad times again knowing it would put her on the path to the life she has now. While I haven’t gone through anything like she did, I love that attitude on life and I think there is a lot to be gained by having that mindset no matter what your struggle was. I love my life so much now, that I’d be willing to make the same mistakes again.”

Turn The Volume: What starts as a jangly, gentle and easing mid-tempo ballad moves slowly but surely towards a huge burst of excessive emotions with lead singer Jake Nova, at the top of his lungs, going sky-high while the band accompany him with a walloping wall of sound for an afire finish. Yes!

Here we go…

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