THE VERVE – Stellar Second Album ‘A NORTHERN SOUL’ Released 25 Years Ago

20 June 2020

Band: The Verve (Wigan, UK)
Active: 1990–1995 / 1996–1999 / 2007–2009
Album: A Northern Soul – second LP
The title is a reference to the popular soul
movement in Britain during the 1970s.
Released: 20 June 1995 – 25 years ago today
Score: No 13 in the UK

NME wrote: “A knife-twisting snapshot of a band on the brink… The Verve
exude such a sense of astounding self-belief that they can almost convince you
that even their more nonsensical moments should be cast in gold, carved in
stone and treated with the utmost artistic respect.”

Keywords: Drugs in motion, towering anthems, doped reveries,
Richard ‘Mad’ Ashcroft, handclaps by Liam Gallagher on ‘History
Key tracks: A New Decade / History / On Your Own / Life’s An Ocean



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