One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer… Into A Holiday

Band: dEUS (Belgium)
Where/when: Antwerp, 2006
Concert against racism
Live shot: SUDS & SODA
Stunning classic from their
1994 debut LP Worst Case Scenario

One of my all-time favorite bands, on record and on stage.

And this Saturday – 21 August – I’ll see them (again, I lost track of
how many times I saw them) at an open-air show (restricted to
5000 people) in Leuven, Belgium.

Actually my first real concert in 18 months! My oh my! Finally!
It’s gonna be very emotional!

Suds and beer for me…

dEUS: Facebook

WOLF ALICE – Rapturous Live Version Of (Probably) The Best Pop Song Of The 21st Century

One live shot a day turns summer into a holiday…

10 August 2021

(Pic by Turn Up The Volume)

Who: Band of the moment in England. They released
their triumphant third LP Blue Weekend early June .

Today I want to return to a rapturous live version of their
rapturous 2015 single Bros (from their debut LP My Love Is Cool.
One of the best pop songs, if not THE best of the 21st Century to
my delighted ears.

I love you, Ellie.

Me and you, me and you, me and you
We could do better, I’m quite sure

More than 36.000.000 spins on Spotify

WOLF ALICE: Facebook

One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer… Into A Holiday

14 July 2021

Today you get 7 live shots instead of one. Why? Because the performance of
WOLF ALICE – the biggest guitar pop band of the moment in the UK fronted
by the heavenly Ellie Roswell – for BBC Radio 1 a few weeks ago, was ACE!

They picked highlights from their 3 albums (so far) including Smile and The Last
Man On Earth
from their newest longplayer Blue Weekend, without a shadow
of a doubt, one of this year’s best LPs.

Let’s roll…

Don’t Delete The Kisses
Beautifully Unconventional
Formidable Cool
The Last Man on Earth
Giant Peach

I saw Wolf Alice several times live
before. Trust me, they’re absolutely GREAT!

(Brussels 2016 / photo by Turn Up The Volume!)


WOLF ALICE: Facebook