One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer… Into A Holiday

14 July 2021

Today you get 7 live shots instead of one. Why? Because the performance of
WOLF ALICE – the biggest guitar pop band of the moment in the UK fronted
by the heavenly Ellie Roswell – for BBC Radio 1 a few weeks ago, was ACE!

They picked highlights from their 3 albums (so far) including Smile and The Last
Man On Earth
from their newest longplayer Blue Weekend, without a shadow
of a doubt, one of this year’s best LPs.

Let’s roll…

Don’t Delete The Kisses
Beautifully Unconventional
Formidable Cool
The Last Man on Earth
Giant Peach

I saw Wolf Alice several times live
before. Trust me, they’re absolutely GREAT!

(Brussels 2016 / photo by Turn Up The Volume!)


WOLF ALICE: Facebook

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