Me, Myself And I Spirit – Shake Your Hips Along With JOHN ORPHEUS

15 July 2021

Artist: JOHN ORPHEUS (Trinidad and Tobago)
Who: Alter boy for Antonio Michael Downing, musician and writer.

New single: IG
From his upcoming album Saga Boy, out July 30th.

Orpheus: “It’s a love letter about feeling your authentic self and being
radically you. It’s time to begin again with no excuses and no shortcuts.
Don’t let anyone tell you how to live! The title is a call out to the attention-
seeking game of social media, but the song itself is about giving yourself
all the love you deserve without asking permission.”

Turn Up The Volume: This effervescent pick-me-up tune has an instant
impact on your body movements. IG is sickly sticky, affectingly addictive
and crazily catchy. Imagine the pink sunglasses spirit of De La Soul on ‘Me,
myself and I’
, some Freak Le Chic guitar snippets in the back, rolling rap
rhapsody upfront, and a fight for your right to party mindset.

Get the picture? Now shake your hips and sway
to the beat. Black party music matters.

Dive in the pool here…

Also on Spotify

JOHN ORPHEUS: InstagramWebsite

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