Scottish Zero Profit Label HEAVENLY CREATURE RECORDS Celebrates Its First Birthday With A Splendid 21 Indie-Tracks Compilation

8 August 2022

HEAVENLY CREATURE RECORDS is a Scottish zero profit label/collective founded and directed by a music fanatic named Lauren Moose. I repeat, a zero-profit project. Hatts off.

Somewhere in Scotland in a bedroom lives a certain Lauren Moose who’s running a zero profit music label called Heavenly Creature Records. I have no idea whatsoever of who she is and if she’s a one-woman project. Anyway, this is a fantastic story putting all money-greedy major music companies into the shadow.

Early this year the label dropped a benefit compilation on Bandcamp (not the first one), baptized Death By Thousand Covers re Records shared a charity compilation (not the first one) on Bandcamp. It featured no less than 46 covers of megastar Taylor Swift (far-far too-too many-many jet flights, bad girl), by indie artists around the globe, All proceeds went to Refuweegee. A Glasgow-based community-led charity that aims to provide a warm welcome to forcibly displaced people arriving in Scotland.

And here’s another benefit compilation. It actually celebrates the first birthday of Heavenly Creature Records. It features 21 tracks (unreleased, originals, covers) contributed by friends, label mates, and supporters. All proceeds go to Four Pillars. An Aberdeen-based LGBT organization that works with people across Grampian.

ONE YEAR OF is a sonic paradise for all indie fans out there with all sorts of great stuff/genres. From dream pop to hardcore, from post-punk to post-rock.

All artists (click name for their own Bandcamp page): Flesh Tape (Colorado US) Lakes (Watford UK) Spank Hair (Oford, UK) – No, It’s Fine (Halifax, Nova Scotia) – Jack Brotherhood (Glasgow, UK)Yail (Fort Collins, Colorado) Pillow Fort (Leicester, UK)Breakfast With Bears (London, UK) – Corre Diablo (Los Angeles) Pour Me (Aberdeen, Scotland) – Driving Under Water (Medford, New Jersey, US)Jumper Boy (Sheffield, UK) – Superfriends (Brighton UK) – Leonardo DiVorcio (NY, NY)Health Points (Toronto, CA) The Tisburys (Philadelphia, US) Alien Machine (Forth Worth, Texas) – Niwlio (UK) – Thresher V2. 0 (Forth Pierce, Florida) – Slow Renewal and Orla Thomas (Scotland)

Buy the birthday compil here (name your price) and support Four Pillars