8 February 2022

Somewhere in Scotland in a bedroom lives a certain Lauren who’s running a zero profit music label called Heavenly Creature Records (could be a reference to longtime running indie label Heavenly Records). I have no idea whatsoever of who she is and if she’s a one-woman project. Anyway, this is a fantastic story putting all money-greedy major music companies into the shadow.

Just last week Heavenly Creature Records shared a charity compilation (not the first one)
on Bandcamp. Titled DEATH BY A THOUSAND COVERS it features no less than 46 covers, by artists around the globe, of songs by megastar Taylor Swift.

All proceeds go to Refuweegee. A Glasgow-based community-led charity that
aims to provide a warm welcome to forcibly displaced people arriving in Scotland.

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift you’ll love this collection as it’s truly a high-quality production with impressive interpretations of her by now astonishing catalog. And if you’re not a Swift follower/fan you can start here to become one.

An amazing accomplishment for a great human charity-organization.
Hats off to Lauren, Heavenly Creature Records, and all contributing artists.

Open your wallet (it’s a name your price invitation)
Right here, right now…

REFUWEEGEE: Website – Facebook – Instagram

HEAVENLY CREATURE RECORDS: More releases on Bandcamp – Twitter – Instagram

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