Norway’s ELECTRIC HIGH With New Riff Monster Single ‘COLORFUL WHITE LIES’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

8 February 2022

Who: A high voltage rock band from Bergen, Norway.
The 4-piece goes straight for the throat, fronted by two
in-your-face lead singers, while the band shoots out
pure electric power.


“People tell lies all the time. Either to hide something, to get away with something,
or just a little white lie to cover up something totally innocent that nobody needs
to know about. Something you possibly shouldn’t have done. But sometimes white
lies stop being completely white, and start changing color.”

Turn Up The Volume: After a dancey handclap intro, it’s all burners on with
a headbanging impact. Heavy boogie drones to play air guitar to, in front of
the mirror. Echoes of muscular American motherrockers – like Van Halen,
Sammy Hagar
and Aerosmith – are all over the heated place. Add firm Lynryd
harmonies and you know you’ll have this blaring beast on your
speakers for quite some time.

Thumbs up for Electric High, middle-finger
to all die-hard liars who freak you out. Now
let’s rock our butts off to this riff monster.

Right here, right now…


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