Jubilant Electro Trio TWIST HELIX From Newcastle Upon Tyne Glorifies ‘OUSEBURN’…

Sonic vibes that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…

16 February 2018

Home: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Who: “Trio born out of the hip bars and rundown rehearsal rooms of Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley, fascinated with the exploration of place and its relation to creativity and identity and drawing influence from their immediate surroundings the band have worked hard to create an effervescent and joyous sound, evocative of the diverse energy and character of their home.”
Track: OUSEBURN – brand new single that “pays homage to the group’s humble DIY beginnings. The track is highly allusive, referencing everything from local bands to graffiti
tags that you can find around the Ouseburn area.”

Score: I’m sure you’ll do the very same thing after hearing this rhapsodic electro rainbow as I did. You’ll google ‘Ouseburn‘ to find out why this trio glorifies this place. Oh yes, the electronic buzz developed here will enlighten your day, will activate the muscles in your body and will make you curious about this hip Newcastle spot which sounds like this…

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