Experience ‘1001 NIGHTS’ With Mind-Boggling Israeli Rockers… OUZO BAZOOKA

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

9 March 2018

Home: Tel Aviv, Israel
Who: a band that “represents everything that is beautiful in Tel Aviv; Cultural coexistence, vigorous creation, and an always happening urban scene. Drawing influences from this local melting pot and exotic middle eastern feel, along with classic hard rock, psychedelic art, garage rock and surf.”
Track: 1001 NIGHTS – opening track from their newest EP

Score: ‘1001 Nights’ is a far-out psychedelic jam pushed by a never-ending tribal
drum beat, while mesmerizing guitars and sensual synths paint a mind-boggling
melodic soundscape all over it. This multi-layered trance-like journey will trigger
your imagination and activate your phantasy. Haunting and hypnotizing from start
to finish. Open your mind and lose yourself completely right here, right now…

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Here’s the band’s new 5-track EP
‘SONGS FROM 1001 NIGHTS’ in full…